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    Default Night's Watch Tactics Card Attachments

    When a Night's Watch tactics card is played and then attached to a unit, does the whole card apply in future rounds to the unit it is attached to, or just the lower portion of the card that adds the attached effect?

    The current FAQ says the attached effect may or may not be utilized in conjunction with the trigger based on the wording (reference Shields of the Realms of Men vs The Sword in the Darkness questions on the FAQ - for reference the cards are below), however, I can find nothing about if the whole of the card or just the attached added ability on the card's lower portion remains in effect in subsequent rounds.

    My interpretation based on the wording is the ENTIRE card with ALL its text and triggered abilities are granted for the remainder of that unit's lifespan. The wording is not ambiguous, it says "Attach THIS card" which implies all the abilities on the whole of the card. Nothing in the wording on the cards limit future use to the additional attached effect only.

    Others at my LHS say only the added ability on the bottom of the card is valid for subsequent rounds and the original trigger / trigger effect are only used when the card is first utilized.

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    The first part (before the 'attach this card' part) is relative to a trigger ('a friendly unit is performing a melee attack' / 'an enemy is performing an attack') and applies at the sequence/timing of that trigger; the bottom part, however, is relative to the card being attached to a NW unit 'until the end of the game' and therefore permanent throughout subsequent actions/activations/rounds.

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