Greyjoys: Dagmer Cleftjaw, mechanics clarification
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Thread: Greyjoys: Dagmer Cleftjaw, mechanics clarification

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    Default Greyjoys: Dagmer Cleftjaw, mechanics clarification

    For reference:

    I just wanted to make sure I'm not giving myself outrageous advantages with him costing a mere 1pt but being devastating: are his bonuses cumulative or are they, as my opponent initially questioned today, exclusive to the precise count of order tokens on his card?

    My initial reading was that each new attack on his unit adds a token, and the bonuses stack; after considering my adversary's question I fostered a doubt but our further considering the matter let us believe the 1+/2+/3+ implicitly abounded towards stackability (i.e. if you have one or more you get Vicious, if you have 2 or more you gain Sundering and also Vicious since 2 is 'one plus', etc.).

    The only issue here being that, contrary to some cards like the Stag Knights (see below) there is no mention of the gains being cumulative.

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    The use of "1+, 2+" etc implies they're cumulative.

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