Trying to find legitimate source for much-pirated figures
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Thread: Trying to find legitimate source for much-pirated figures

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    Question Trying to find legitimate source for much-pirated figures

    On that website where you or your "ally" can buy "express" from Chinese factories, there are several vendors selling miniatures that are, basically, adult/nude/sexy versions of Disney princesses, 1980's cartoon characters, etc. I can post images for reference, but I assume you've seen them as well.

    Some of the figures are very well done, but I'd like to avoid supporting Chi-com intellectual property piracy if I can.

    I've also seen similar figures on that website that isn't quite "ets", but it kind of "ets-ey"... but I figure it's a similar situation there.

    Does anyone know a reputable source for these figures? Perhaps the original mfg/artist?

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    Just a few reference photos, I left out the truly not-safe-for-work ones.

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    Well since they are already Intellectual Property Theft from 'The House Of Mouse' everyone's on dodgy ground here.
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