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    I was gifted this model. I want to fix it but can’t find a diagram of what I’m missing, or any image with those wings.
    So my questions are:
    Are these wings standard or a custom modification?
    What parts am I missing?
    Where can I get replacement parts?
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    Sorry. I don’t know how to rotate the photo.

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    The body looks like the 2002 CSM demon prince but heavily modded. The wings and head are modded.
    Here is a page that shows the original model and the parts.
    In old white dwarfs some of these parts list with order numbers were printed on the last few pages and I think you could order them from GW Mail Order. But I'm not sure if they still offer this service today.

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    Thanks. I’ve seen this head on this body before, but it does appear that it may have been an after-market mod as the wings definitely are. I think I may just ditch them if I can get something better

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