Hello everyone! I want to take this opportunity to share with all of you a project I've been working on. Over the past year I've been working with friends, family, and other people with knowledge about image editing towards completing a project involving wargaming waterslide decals. I've put together a number of heraldic images on multiple decal sheets and have designed them to be used for 28mm miniature wargaming. Check out the project here.

In regards to heraldry, there is a wonderful book that was written in the early part of the 20th century that covers a whole lot of what Heraldry is exactly, how it was used, and gives various examples of how heraldry was displayed. The book, A COMPLETE GUIDE TO HERALDRY by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (with illustrations by Graham Johnston) is where I draw the images for these decals from. The book and its work is currently available online for hardcopy purchase from various publishers and also in a few places for free. The book along with the artwork inside has been widespread distributed and is considered to be in the public domain. There are many amazing and wonderful examples of the various animals, creatures, and objects that Nobles, Lords, Knights, Heralds, Kings and various entities and establishments used throughout the eras since the origins of these images. I've often looked through the book and thought how cool it would be to include some of the artwork within this treasure trove of information somehow in my miniature collection.

After some years of running my own miniature wargaming terrain Kickstarters, building up my own miniature collection and painting skills, and working with various people involved in the industry, I decided it would be amazing to create a small series of traditional waterslide decal sheets that would honor and bring life to these old illustrations and descriptions found in the book. Initially I was thinking only to create my own personal print outs of these decals, however after some consideration I felt it would be even better if instead I made them available for every miniature wargaming fan out there to make use of.

Here's some Frostgrave Soldiers wandering some ruins and fighting some enemies with their Fire-Forge Foot Sergeant Shields emblazoned with just a few of the decals!

I built the decals to match fantasy style or large medieval shields (with Fire-Forge sergeants, Warhammer Bretonnians, and other miniature companies in mind). The decals will be printed in a multi-layered format which allows for heavy coverage over whatever paint you put it on, which means there's no paintjob showing through the decal details or color. You could put a white colored decal like one of the bears or a goat on a black shield and the decal will remain white without the black darkening the white coloring.

Each decal sheet will have 162 decals and there will be 4 variants of sheets. Each decal image contains 5 left facing images and 4 left facing images (for those that love to put decals on the horses!). The first two sheets are some real world animals and what I felt were best or common on heraldry. For these first two sheets I've put multiples of the same image but gave them alternative coloring. The third sheet is the first stretch goal, which contains some animals that I felt looked unique or special as heraldry. Finally the last sheet and last stretch goal contains mythical and mystical creatures and beasts like dragons or wyverns. The YouTube link below will show you a brief summary of the decal sheet prototypes.

Finally, I'm working with a proper printing shop to get these pumped out if the project is successful. This will ensure better quality and will speed up the printing process instead of me printing every single sheet out of my home.

The project has already been funded and all the stretch goals have been unlocked - but the campaign still has time left! So if you're interested in getting some cool decal sheets, feel free to join up! Thank you all for checking it out.