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    Hi all.

    For many years I have been an avid collector of pre-painted plastic miniatures, and I have very much lost touch with the unpainted miniatures resources/community.

    I would like to know if there are any sites (other than ENWorld) which rate unpainted miniatures and/or recognize with an award, the miniatures that are released annually?

    I am trying to conduct a bit of research to help provide resources and interesting content for a pre-painted miniatures website I host. I will soon be incorporating user reviews into my website gallery which will include a rating system -- but aside from rating the sculpt and the paint application, I am also looking for some other possible categories to rate. I thought I might turn to the un-painted minis sites, to see what other similar ideas there might be out there.

    This will be the second year that I will also be hosting a "best pre-painted miniatures of the year" poll, and I am looking for ideas of conducting this in categories other than just miniature base size.

    Any sites / resources / suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Interesting, don't know much about the topic but responding so it doesn't feel you're talking into a void

    I presume casting quality and, well, how easy it is to remove the paint would be the ones most relevant for me a part from the sculpt itself.

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