Varys and chained actions from attacks.
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Thread: Varys and chained actions from attacks.

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    Default Varys and chained actions from attacks.

    If a NW hunter makes an attack with the swords and I remove a Varys token the token's effect resolves after the zone's effect so with a NW hunter would the effect look like.

    Hunter Attack > Hunter Retreat > Hunter Shoot > Varys Effect


    Hunter Attack > Varys Effect > Hunter Retreat > Hunter Shoot

    I had one person even suggest that it could be the chain below cause the attacks are separate actions but the retreat is part of the first attack.

    Hunter Attack > Hunter retreat > Varys Effect > Shoot

    Which of these options are the correct timing for the effect of Varys' token? Thanks!

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    Varys' effect triggers "after resolving that zone's effect", so I should say attack + retreat + shoot are linked to the activation of the zone. And you can use a Varys token after.

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