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    I apologize if this has been asked/answered, but I have been unable to find the answer through searching. So I made an account just to ask.

    If the direwolves activate before their assigned child (ie. John Snow and Ghost), do they activate again after their child? Or does that follow-up activation fail because the unit already activated?

    Conversely it's possible that the wolves cannot activate on their own and must activate after their child and I've been misreading the cards wrong this whole time?

    Apologies, but I'm very new as my group and I just got into the game very recently.

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    As worded on the Direwolf unit card, "when Jon Snow's unit activate, this unit may activate after that unit" : it is possible only if Ghost was not activated previously.

    p. 6 of the rulebook : "On their turn, a player must select an un-activated unit to activate" meaning an activated unit can't be activated twice. Notice an unit can perform additional actions in some cases (Tactic cards, orders, Tactics Board)

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