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    Question Matte varnish recommendations

    Hi all, I'm looking for a good matte varnish to protect my minis on the gaming table. I'm mainly using Citadel and Vallejo Game Color, with Citadel and Army Color undercoating sprays.

    Last time I used a matte varnish spray it was the first one Citadel brought out and it basically lifted all the paint and stripped my models clean of all my hard work, so I'd reeeeally like to avoid that again. >_<


    [Edit] I have had a fair old rummage through the forums, Vallejo Air seems to be one that a lot of folks enjoy using, but I don't have an airbrush. I'm in the UK so Testor's is out (if that's even still in production). I'm looking for a spray can, or at the very least a good brush-on. Again Vallejo seems to come up a lot for brush-on, but I'm not sure if I'd need to harden / protect with a hard gloss varnish first before going over with the matte.
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    Tamiya Matte Varnish TS-80 is quite popular. It comes in a spraycan and is super matte. Don't know how durable it is though. Maybe a good idea to get a really solid coat is to spary gloss varnish first, let it dry for a day and then kill the shine with matte varnish. Since matte varnish has a fine texture that creates a kinda rough surface that maybe can get rubbed down by touching the minis. So the clear underneath will still portect the paint.

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    Excellent, thank you kindly! ^_^

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