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    Petyr Baelish's once-per-game effect states "at the start of any Turn, you may select one zone. Until the end of the Round, you count as Controlling that zone."

    When using this ability, does the opponent lose control of the selected zone (if they would otherwise have such control)? Or is the control duplicated (meaning both players may potentially control the zone)? If the former, how does it interact with Joffrey as an NCU (e.g. if Joffrey is on the tactics board, and Petyr uses his once-per-game ability to claim the crown, do both players gain the crown? Whichever is later?).

    From the above example with Joffrey, I believe the better answer is that Petyr (and Joffrey) both grant control, but that this control is non-exclusive. This means that both players can count as controlling a tactics zone. However, it would be nice to hear confirmation.

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    Both players count as controlling that zone.
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