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Thread: No more Stannis?

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    Default No more Stannis?

    I took at look at my normal supplier of TT games of all kinds and their website says that "Baratheon Heroes 1" are not only out-of-stock but its "finished selling"/"sold out". Thus making it impossible for me to lure my brother in with a "Stannis the Mannis" army.

    Thus I ask if anyone on CMON, or someone else who knows these things, could confirm or deny that new players won't be able to get "Stannis & Crew" in the future?

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    I take it that no new Stannis box will be coming, which is a shame. I hope I can make do with Renly and the Tyrells to get my brothers into this game.

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    No unit box has ever been discontinued in this game, there is zero reason to assume Stannis is randomly going to be excluded in the future.

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    I hope you are right, because that box has been unavailable and "sold out" for some time now.

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    It seems like Baratheon Heroes 1 are again available at my favorite hobby and game store. So I'm all happy again.

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    I got mine on ebay, shipped in two days, so he is available for sure and on Amazon!

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