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    Good day everyone,

    Fairly new to the game (as is most of the gamiong group I play with) and I have looked through the forums and have seen the 2 or 3 "What is dead..." threads, but none of them answer the question I have so here is one more for good measure (well a collection of questions really).

    Lets assume the following:

    There is a unit of Reavers with attachment Victarion in the unit, there are 2 pillage tokens on the unit and they have 2 wounds remaining (Victarion and a Reaver).

    The unit gets attacked and takes 1 wound, and on the subsequent panic test fails and takes the last wound.

    The unit is "destroyed" (ie no miniatures left on the tray) so What is Dead can be played, so in my mind here are the logical steps:

    1. The last figure on the tray (Victarion) dies and the unit is destroyed
    2. What is dead is triggered and played
    3. The card text says the unit is not destroyed and remains in play with D3 wounds
    4. Roll and put the resulting number of Reavers back on the tray

    Is the above breakdown correct, do you have to remove the attachment to meet the "destroyed" keyword to enable you to play What is Dead?

    If the attachment is indeed removed then here is a subquestion:

    Do all the tokens get removed as the unit was "destroyed" to trigger the card and logically all tokens (bad and good) should be removed from the unit and then the D3 wounds placed back on the tray and the unit stays in play.

    I have heard/read a few sources and they are all not an "official" and I would rather have something official right from the horses mouth

    We had a little round table discussion in the playgroup I am in and we could see both sides of the argument (the card says it is not destroyed but restores wounds so we can see keeping the attachment and tokens intact and not actually doing the last wound that would destroy it) but we can see the other side where the keyword to trigger the card says it has to be destroyed to play the card which means there can be no figures left on the tray.

    If the card were to say "When a friendly unit WOULD be destroyed" it logically changes the whole discussion.

    Looking for some guidance as we just want to ensure we are playing the card properly for the individual running the force

    Thanks in advance everyone

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    You missed the part where it says “This unit is not destroyed”, so basically the last D3 wounds did not occur. Meaning you keep the attachment and all attached cards/tokens. The card does not say “restore wounds” because those we’re negated. Good luck on getting an official answer, they stopped doing that a long time ago
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    Thanks for your reply, and I guess by an "official" ruling I meant by the grand maesters of the forums who have a boatload more experience than me. I have seen it ruled 3 different ways on three different sites and wanted a consensus of the educated masses lol.

    For me the big issue is for the card to trigger the unit has to be destroyed, for the unit to be destroyed there has to be no figures left on the tray. Once an attachment is removed it can't come back so i was just confused and wanted to get some clarity.

    Again thank you very much for your reply, have a great day

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    As far as I am aware, most pple play it, as if the trigger of the card said "would be destroyed". It's probably a problem due to inconsistent wording of that trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtalb View Post
    It's probably a problem due to inconsistent wording of that trigger.
    Agreed... thanks for your input. I will let our Greyjoy guy know and we can play it that way

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