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    Hello to all,

    We launched our Kickstarter for the game Khârn-Âges a few days ago, beautiful miniatures and a very immersive skirmish game.
    Check out the full range and don't miss this chance to participate in the campaign!

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    Nice minis, I love it ! The previews are great and the first 3D models are just awesome !

    I can see that the first campaign was successfully funded, and that you have released several new minis since the first kickstarter.
    Are you confident that you'll be able to release all the new minis before next March ?
    How tall is the elephant ? It is really difficult to assess on the pictures / 3D renders...


    Kiba !

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    Hi Kiba,
    Yes we are confident on this point, we had a slight delay at the launching of this campaign (one of our modeler had a family problem), but now they are 2 to realize each one a model every 15 days approximately...
    We mould and produce them ourselves so we can easily meet our deadlines by prioritising the production of what we already have time to receive the new creations...
    The Tembos are really big (the warrior shown is 170mm!!!)

    and for the size of the other coins here is a link to the gallery where they can be seen next to a 1 euro coin (just under an inch in diameter)

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    Default And now there are busts in Add-on!

    And now there are busts in Add-on!
    For those who like this kind of pieces, they measure about 10 cm, are limited to 150 copies (there are only about 40 copies of the prince left)

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    Hello there,

    Here comes the first mount for the Khérops, a smashing big piece!!!

    Join us, there's only 6 days left!!!

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