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    Cool Khârn-Âges

    This anthropomorphic minis range is impressive. They say it's at the 54mm scale, but minis are often 70-80mm tall. And the new Tembos (elephants) coming out now reach 170mm!
    Here's one, painted by the talented Jyrio Delavida.

    Does someone here own some minis from this range? I'm looking for color-scheme inspiration for Khérops and Black Guild factions.

    Name:  Tembo by Jyrio Delavida.jpeg
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Size:  106.1 KBName:  Tembo by Jyrio Delavida - face close-up.jpeg
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Size:  70.2 KB
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    Here are some rhinos from the same skirmish game, painted by the also very talented Yanis Hadj-Rabah.

    Name:  Sukh and Kaïto by Yanis HR - face.jpg
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Size:  1.32 MBName:  Sukh and Kaïto by Yanis HR - back.jpg
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Size:  1.31 MB

    Sukh & Kaïto twins in the Black Guild faction.

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    BTW, they launched yesterday a contest around their ongoing 2nd Kickstarter campaign. There are 4 vouchers of €100 to be won by June 21st! (under the condition of making a Pledge on the campaign)
    It's over here -->

    Khârn-Âges is an outstanding skirmish game, very strategic and dynamic. And the new Tembos faction expands it with new gameplay options, and lots of great sculpts.

    For those who want to discover the game and were on the fence, there is a discovery offer of the existing range at €69 only (starter + additional minis), a price *much* cheaper than usual. It's high time to indulge into it!

    N.B. : It's a French game, but the basic rules and profile cards exist in English too. The new "advanced" Battle Rules are currently being translated too.
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    Surfing in the galleries of their website dedicated to the game, you can see rotating videos of the figures with 1€ coins (a little less than 1 inch) to get an idea of the scale...

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    Great French game and amazing resin minis!

    I collect Kharns (lions) and Gouns (gnus) and I am very pleased to paint and convert these minis! (Totally in love with the Gouns).

    Have a look at the kharns

    And the Gouns

    Just have a look at this wonderful painting!

    Name:  FB_IMG_1654682017856.jpg
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Size:  160.4 KB

    Look at me in the eyes and tell me you can resist this awesomness ^_^

    You also have rhinos and hienas!

    This kickstarter is a real apportunity to start collectig and playing Kharn-Ages at a reduced cost :-)

    Maybe I'm not very objective. But I love these minis for a reason ;-)

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    These minis are just awesome !
    Can you purchase only the minis without the game rules and other stuff ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiba View Post
    These minis are just awesome !
    Can you purchase only the minis without the game rules and other stuff ?

    Yes you can!

    There are many pledge possibilities in the kickstarter.

    Most of these pledges include only the minis.

    For example, you may purchase a starter for 69€: three or four minis (depending on the faction), and a free 30€ add-on of your choice ("Discover offer")

    Or the 4 Tembos (elephants) for 139€ ("Wisdom offer"), or the 4 Khemists (gazelles) for 55€ (Seduction offer).

    Of course, if you are really falling for these minis, the all-in offer is always available Personnally, I fell for the offer "all tembos + all khemists" and I added a goun squire on a mochere and a goun bust.

    Also, the "looker on" pledge gives you access to all the add-ons.

    Have fun purchasing!
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    For those interested not only by the minis but also the gameplay, here's a rave review of the game, in English:

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    The size of the minis is mind-boggling!

    17cm-high (6.7 inches!) for the first Tembo, on a 8cm (3,15 inches) base

    Name:  Tembo size 2.jpeg
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Size:  453.2 KB

    10cm-high (3.9 inches) for the first Koelod mount, on a 8 x 10 cm (3.15 x 4.7 inches) base

    Name:  Koelod size.jpg
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Size:  19.5 KB

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    This model is very handsome

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    Quote Originally Posted by maillotwarriors View Post
    This model is very handsome
    The KS was funded!

    If you want to get this model, it's still possible! The pledge manager will be available on the 10th (-ish) of July

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