Coordination tactics and start of turn orders.
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Thread: Coordination tactics and start of turn orders.

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    Default Coordination tactics and start of turn orders.

    Hello to all,
    Just wanted to post this here as I have recently found out that our playgroup has been interpreting this interaction differently to others and would like some kind of official ruling on it.

    The issue it's self is when you play coordination tactics, are you limited to the "start of turn" orders that you could use on that turn, or is it just a generic cover all for "start of friendly/enemy/any turn"?
    If you played coordination tactics on an opponents turn, could you use warcry? As warcry is a "start of turn" order but has the trigger of "start of a friendly turn".

    In the rulebook, under orders, it states that an order has a trigger of when it can be used, but as the order isn't triggering its self and you are resolving it during the resolution of a tactics card, does this mean that the card is actually meant to be interpreted as reading, "you may trigger 1 start of friendly turn order on a unit if that card has been played in a friendly turn, or may trigger a start of enemy turn order if this card is played on an enemies turn"?

    Any information that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated

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    Michael had previously posted an answer to this question.

    In brief: yes, the order must be valid to trigger based on whether or not it is a friendly or enemy turn.
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    Thank you! Much appreciated

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