Since we started playing around with the new faction, a few questions have come up with the new interactions. I wanted to make a post with some of them, in case developers see this and would be able to respond:

1. Winter Gardens interaction with cards that grant zone control effects like Petyr or Joffrey - would opponent controlling Winter Gardens override Petyr's once a game ability to control a zone, or Joffrey's ability to always control crowns?

2. If Petyr's once a game ability is declared to control Winter Gardens for the round, does it automatically activate WG effect that opponents don't count as controlling zones?

3. Sand Diplomacy says that NCUs lose abilities when claiming a zone. How does it interact with abilities or those NCUs that trigger on claiming a zone (For example, Petyr's zone replace effect, or Ellaria Sand? According to timing rules, it seems like active player can choose to activate NCU ability first and only then resolve zone effect which would blank the NCU, but that's probably not intended

I'm sure there will be more questions for the new interactions, but that is what has come up so far.