First post as can only vote on about 15 miniature posts before Error 524 stops me!
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Thread: First post as can only vote on about 15 miniature posts before Error 524 stops me!

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    Default First post as can only vote on about 15 miniature posts before Error 524 stops me!

    Hi first post though I have been a user of the website for many years as I am unsure whether I can continue to use the site. I have been trying to vote on a hundred miniature posts a day to get my 88000 votes nearer the total 257767 minis listed on the site! For many months now though I have got to about 15 votes on miniature posts a day and then I get an error screen and can no longer vote further. This screen I get is white with 'error 524 a timeout occured' says to try again in a few minutes however it takes a whole day before I can vote on any more posts. Recently in a the last weeks there is captca verification that is new so thought this might be a new initiative to reduce bots voting perhaps however I am not a bot and would like to vote on more posts?

    Anybody with any tips on how to get back voting daily again, thanks?

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    So I am still unable to vote on historic entries! I am sure I can only vote on the recent minis posted before I am binned out and get a timeout error! Hope this is looked at by CoolMiniorNot.

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    Its the anti-bot protocol.
    It’s doing this to a number of people.
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    Thanks for the reply! Is there going to be change to stop this anti-bot protocol stopping a voting website to allow votes!

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    Back again to the forum and now entry into CoolMiniOrNot website to vote after being completely account suspended... I can at least vote on the recent posts but still not the historic posts to which I like to vote on 100 minis a day. Having used the website for 18 years I am not quite ready to stop trying to use the website just yet! I would really appreciate the anti bot protocol looked at to stop average voters to be allowed to vote please!

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