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    Question Public ratings?

    Hey people,

    I have joined recently, after having basically tragic experiences waaaay back when I gave painting first shot.
    I have to say, not much changed, getting random sub 5 ratings on a mini without any comments, just because... I actually have no clue.

    Personally, I would welcome having public ratings, it would make people think about why they are giving a grade and also maybe leave a comment. Wouldn't be a problem for me, since I know why I give 4s or lower, usually something has to go wrong.

    I know you will say that I am just a salty guy, and I am, but this "community" if you can call it that is way outdated and doesn't bring much to the table. No inovation since idk when. I wish it would be better, kinda liked the idea from when I found about it, but this is just ridiculous and nowhere near what discord can offer.

    So yea, crucify me if you will
    Wish you the best, I know I won't be missed


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    Well, why is voting in general anonymous?

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