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    Default PAINT AID: PHASE 2

    Right, this is the new thread for the second phasefor the PAINT AID. The following people have sent me their details:

    Painting Ploddy
    Dwight Bills
    Jakob Nielsen
    Dark Zealot Studios
    Frustrated Father

    Now, i know there\'s 45 people in total, so a lot of you have not yet sent me the following details: Your CMON nick, Your real name, your adress, your CMON ranking and what you prefer to paint. Please send this to me at as soon as possible, because I cannot allocate jobs without this information.

    i\'m allocating jobs at the moment, going through the emails, and will post the list of the jobs the above peope will be getting tonight, or tomorrow morning.

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    That is great news I have been waiting for this.

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    too bad i cant join up otherwise i would :P

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    yeah can\'t wait to know the mini I\'m to paint :bouncy:

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    i know what il\'l do.. il\'l be motivational support seeing as i cant really pitch in with the painting and what not! lol

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    looks good.

    *Waits with anticipation...*

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    Yay, thank you for all your hard work Tammy, I can\'t wait to get started doing my part! :bouncy:


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    Oooh, it\'s like Christmas. What will I get, what will I get :D

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    can i ask a quik Q here?.... from what i can tell you guys are buying the minis combining them then selling them in 2 diff armies and using the profits towards the cause?

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    Message original : Wolf_Fang
    can i ask a quik Q here?.... from what i can tell you guys are buying the minis combining them then selling them in 2 diff armies and using the profits towards the cause?
    Just one army. We had 2 lists depending on how many people joined in.

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    so whos paying for the minis?you guys? or 1 person then sending em out? (im sorry im so stupid lol)

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    One army for kindness

    Buying yes......if we must

    I believe we had a few to offer items and assistance
    I am going to get with them
    or feel free to
    use email link off the site or

    to let me know if you can donate items and such
    Gale Force nine is in for sure on base trays etc.
    We will not take more than we need and it would be good to get some products from Europe and some from the US as to save the postal fees
    Wolf Fang we all knew that there may be a purchase involved and yet we hope we can coordinate with out.
    It is good to have your support any press release work or word of mouth is good:)

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    Default yay!

    I know there are quite a few things that need to be done before we are this far along....BUT, how does everyone feel about writing (or painting) their names (real or otherwise) and the date/year and location on the minis they do? I was thinking it would be underneath the base (so you\'d have to flip the mini over to see it).

    It would be a neat touch to add it and it won\'t hurt the overall appearance in any way. Or is that too egotistical?

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    well if theres something i can do to help let me know.. but theres not much seeing as i cant really afford to buy enything im still honing painting skills and cant really give out adress cause of parents... how ever if theres something i can do or something we can work out im here if im needed.. i just hope all goes a success and we can help out... also mayb we can make this a yearly thing? each year we do it for different places? (jus t a sudgestion)

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    Vikey, that\'s an excellent idea that i wanted to suggest, but completely forgot...

    The list is almost there but i need to do some other stuff for work before I turn in, it will be sent to TAB to put up on the site tomorrow morning, and i\'ll post it here too, so if anybody has any problems with it, they\'ll know who to curse ;)

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    I was thinking about that. Might be a good feature; failing that bi-yearly- so people can re-couperate costs lol

    Nice idea Supervike, I will do it nonetheless. Have any of you tried the internet dealers for sources of figures? I know that Battle Games by Mail usually do figures cheaper and the owners should be willing to hope from what I\'ve seen of them on the Last Alliance site etc...

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    Well I do not mind as previous stated to help as far as the price goes once we get the list it will be easier to sort out:D
    and Vike yes all work should be signed for sure
    that is the only way to keep the value in the long run when this is long past:)
    I will make sure it gets in to the what to do area on the painting page

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    Originally posted by Minigrrrl
    Dwight Bills

    This is me. :)

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    Dutch Version
    De zeebeving en Tsunami in zuid-oost-Azië op 2e kerstdag heeft een vernietigende klap toegebracht aan veel landen, gemeenschapen en mensen. Enorm veel levens, materiaal en dromen werden door de zee weggespoeld.

    Maarliefst zesenvijftig landen hebben burgers die slachtoffer van deze ramp. En veel regeringen, bedrijven, instellingen en personen hebben hun oprechte steentje bijgedragen, in de hoop het lijden te kunnen verlichten en de wederopbouw te versnellen. Deze donaties bestonden onder meer uit geld, materiaal en hulp, de hele wetreld reageerde massaal met het aanbieden van hulp, maar jammer genoeg is er meer nodig.

    Met dit in gedachte is een groep met dezelfde ideëen van Cool Mini Or Not(hierna CMON), een gemeenschap van kunstenaars, sculpters en schilders hebben hun handen ineengelsagen in een poging om extra geld bijeen te brengen voor de slachtoffers, ookal hebben veel van hen al erg gul gedoneerd om de lasten te verlichten.

    Miniaturen schilderen is een erg artistieke en expresieve vorm van kunst die zich heeft ontwikkeld vanuit de tabletop wargames die overal ter wereld worden gespeeld en vooral draaien om gevechten en taktieken. Vanuit dit spel heeft de miniatuurschilderkunst grote en kleinen stappen en sprongen gemaakt. De laatste jaren is deze vorm van kunst steeds populairder geworden door wereld wijde bijeenkomsten.

    \'Paint Aid\' is opgericht om een leger voor het populaire spel Warhammer Fantasy, van spellenontwikkelaar Games-Workshop, op te bouwen, aan te passen en te verfen. Dit spel is erg populair en de alsmaar groter wordende \'Games-Day\' evenementen en vinden jaarlijks overal ter werled plaats met spel- en schildercompetities. De competitie word elk jaar steeds feller en het miniaturen schilderen komt op een steeds hoger niveau en steeds meer mensen strijden om de felbegeerde Golden Daemons en Slayer Artefacts, maar alleen de beste schilders en kusntenaars worden belood. Verschijdene winaars van een van deze prijzen hebben zich ook aangesloten bij de \'CMON Paint Aid\'om hun talenten en tijd aan een goed doel te offeren.

    Wanneer het leger af is en compleet is op een locatie zal het op eBay te koop worden aangeboden door \'Mission Fish Nonprofit Organization\' en 100% van het verdiende geld gaat naar de \'Brother-Brother Foundation\', een organisatie die door Forves Magazine de 1e plaat inneemt als het om effecientie gaat.

    Alle kleden van CMON Paint Aid zouden graag willen dat U hen helpt want onze gedachten en moeite zijn allemaal voor de slachtoffers van deze verschikkelijke ramp.
    Tadaaaa!!! here\'s my dutch version. But could a dutch guy get is through the spelling check(I don\'t have word over here :rolleyes: ). Ow and Dutch translated into Dutch is Nederlands :)

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    Duende send Tammy your information that is what the list is if you are not there send your Addy, rank , phone etc etc etc hurry:)

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