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    Default aight

    ok so we stick to the 3000 points army list?
    either way, purchasing the minis ourself your getting some from donators i\'ll chip in 6 bulls.
    im telling you just that we dont end up with more minis than we actually want to sell, or wouldnt that be a problem?

    hm and btw i join the common excitement on what everybody will be painting :)

    im off for today, goodnight

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    well as i said theres not much i can do but il\'l do what i can to help.. if you wanna throw me on the list great if not fine .. il\'l be watching to see how you guys are doing and if im needed as for ur names under the bases sounds like a great idea

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    Default Message to Tammi

    I contacted Becca last night then email Tracy today about volunteering. I just email you tammi, hopefully I made it in under the deadline. Please let me know, thank!

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    Brave heart
    Fear not you are there you came in under the wire send Tammy any address info etc at her email but I listed you on the site and you are counted
    I will put the Dutch translation up right after dinner :)
    Thank you and beautiful work

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    Origineel geplaatst door JappobraBut could a dutch guy get is through the spelling check(I don\'t have word over here :rolleyes: ).
    Well, neither do I, so I\'ll use open office. Free Dutch version. :) Anyway, you just beat me to the translation. I\'ve checked your text and there are some errors. I\'ll send you an adapted version and if you\'re ok with it you can forward it to Tracy.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    I\'m a bit late (busy days) but I\'m still reading and trying to help... :)

    Here\'s the Press Release translated in Italian:


    I recenti disastri causati dal Terremoto e dallo Tsunami del 26 Dicembre 2004 in Asia sono stati un colpo devastante per molte nazioni, comunità, famiglie e individui con una schiacciante perdita di vite e proprietà così come di mezzi di sostentamento.

    Cinquantasei nazioni hanno avuto cittadini coinvolti da questo tragico evento e molti governi, società e singole persone stanno facendo donazioni nella speranza di alleviare le sofferenze delle vittime e velocizzare il processo di recupero. Sia che le donazioni siano finanziarie, materiali o pratiche la risposta in tutto il mondo è stata travolgente ma, purtroppo, serve più aiuto.

    Con questo obbiettivo in mente un gruppo di persone da Cool Mini Or Not (da ora in avanti CMON, una comunità di artisti, scultori e pittori di miniature) nonostante le donazioni fatte singolarmente, si è raggruppato nel tentativo di raccogliere altri soldi per le vittime.

    La pittura delle miniature è un arte altamente espressiva sviluppatasi dai war games giocati in tutto il mondo. Da questi giochi l\'arte della pittura delle miniature è balzata alla ribalta e la sua reputazione e popolarità è cresciuta negli anni con eventi organizzati in tutto il mondo.

    Con questo fine \'Paint Aid\' è stato costituito per costruire, modificare e dipingere un armata per Warhammer, la famosa linea di miniature della Games Workshop. Questo gioco gode di grande popolarità grazie a numerosi eventi di gioco e di pittura che si tengono in tutto il mondo: i Games Days. Queste competizioni non cessano di aumentare il livello e la qualità della pittura e solo i migliori artisti possono vincere i premi più famosi, i Golden Demon e la Slayer Sword. Molti di questi vincitori partecipano al \'CMON Paint Aid\' ofrendo il loro tempo ed il loro talento.

    Quando l\'armata sarà completamente dipinta e riunita verrà istituita un asta su Ebay attraverso l\'organizzazione non profit \"Mission Fish\" e il cento per cento del ricavato sarà donato alla Brothers Brother Foundation, una organizzazione classificata da Forbes Magazine come prima in efficenza nella gestione dei fondi destinati agli aiuti.

    A nome del CMON Paint Aid vi preghiamo di aiutarci perchè le nostre speranze e i nostri sforzi sono diretti ad aiutare le vittime di questo devastante disastro.


    I\'ll upload it on my site and on the site as soon as possible.


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    Tracy, wait a moment before putting the Dutch version online. I\'ve just send a corrected version to Jasper. Since it\'s well past midnight here in the Netherlands (about 3.00 am) I\'m guessing he\'s asleep. So you\'ll get it some time tomorrow, sorry, later today.

    By the way, I\'m a little at a loss because of the last sentence. What exactly do you expect of the people who read the message? Perhaps it\'s an idea to prompt for action like spreading the word and later on going to the auction?

    Goodnight everybody, going to bed now. :)

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    Man this is wonderful :)

    1.) I will wait on the Dutch and check my mail often

    2) The Italian Translation is great it will be up tonight

    3) Joshua has corralled six bulls in the pen great stuff

    4) Rab emailed me about a monetary donation if needed for paints and minis

    There is a recognition page on the site for kind people like you all I will make sure it is kept up to date:innocent:
    True Hearted

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    Default What happened???

    Hey guys,

    I went by our GW store here in Atlanta today to see if I could pick up some Ogre Kingdom minis to get some practice, and lo and behold the GW store is GONE!!! Lights out sign down, no body home kind of gone...

    Oh well, I stopped at another place and the only Orge Kingdom stuff they had was the full Army box at $230.00 US. Didn\'t have that kind of cash to spend. They said they should have some of the Battalion boxes in this weekend so I\'ll check back.

    Looking forward to getting to work on these guys.


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    Grum, I had similar thoughts about \"practicing\"and when I went to the GW site last night, I noticed most of the Ogre Kingdoms are advanced order. Hopefully this won\'t be a problem, I\'m sure that Tammi has connections to help, plus Mike (Dragonsreach) made a comment in the earlier forum that GW was human, which leads me to believe that somehow we will be supplied with the appropriate models to make a decent army. As far as the Atlanta GW store goes, that seems extremely odd. Isn\'t Atlanta one of those cities that actually hosts a GamesDay????

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    Dark Zealot Studios


    You would be suprised most GW stores just barly brake even ( if that) thay are manly used as promotion tools to teach the game and help give peaple some place to paly as this keeps the hobby growing so you see them open and close alot there main revanue comes from mail order and trade sales. Give it some time grumb and you will probly see a new store or a indapendent retailer open near you.

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    yeah, seems a little odd Atl would lose their GW store, seems like a big market for them...oh well.

    I\'ve been playing with colors a bit also, eager to get my assignment I went out and got a tyrant just to play around with and get a feel for the sculpts. Nice models! I probably never would have picked one up to paint without this project.


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    Originally posted by Grumb

    I went by our GW store here in Atlanta today to see if I could pick up some Ogre Kingdom minis to get some practice, and lo and behold the GW store is GONE!!! Lights out sign down, no body home kind of gone...
    They moved to the Mall of Georgia.

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    There\'s actually two in the Atlanta area now; the Mall of Georgia and Arbor Place in Douglasville, according to the GW website.

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    Is there really a problem if people only get 1 ogre to paint? If you want to paint more then you can always go buy them for yourselves and auction them separately for charity too :)

    As someone said, there is only so big an army can be to sell on Ebay, and although i have never done the math, I donth think 4000 will cover its costs anywhere near as well as a 2-3000 pt army

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    I don\'t have a proble with only painting one model if that is how it turns out after all remember it is the taking part of such a great scheme that is theimportant part (for me anyway).
    To give what little I can with what skills I have is great.

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    Message original : Avicenna
    Is there really a problem if people only get 1 ogre to paint?
    If I recall correctly the 2000pts army list (btw were did it go???), there were 81 minis in it. The 3000 pts one has 82 minis (if I counted correctly :P). So some people should get more then one mini to paint :).

    I\'ll be sending frenchkid some minis from a battalion box once we know what everybody will be painting. If somebody in Europe needs some, PM me and I\'ll see what I can do ;).

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    ;) There will be enough minis - of that I am sure

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    hm but the 82 would include gnoblars right?
    i dotn want to be the killjoy but if i get allocated 2 gnoblars i will have to pay around 18$ for sending it to the us w/o insurance, tracking etc
    thats 9$ for one gnoblar without the actual price! :)

    dont get me wrong i dont want to part, and if the worst case occurs i would even send you 2 gnoblars
    btw check the wip thread for my first two converted orges :)

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    Originally posted by green stuff
    If somebody in Europe needs some, PM me and I\'ll see what I can do ;).
    Well, I may take your kind offer, if you don\'t mind.
    Payment is not a problem, we\'ll sort something out.

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