What is it that you do for a living?
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Thread: What is it that you do for a living?

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    Default What is it that you do for a living?

    Hey folks!

    I\'m damn curious as to what everyone does for a living around here in the \'real world\' so to speak, especially since we have such a world wide community here.

    Myself, I work as a defense contractor for Lockheed Martin working on the F/A-22 Raptor (for the uninitiated, that\'s a really freakin\' cool fighter jet). I used to build and modify them but now I apply the stealth coating to the aircraft (glorified painter).

    Anyone else? I know there has to be some intersting jobs out there that some of you hold.

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    I\'m a lowly web designer.

    Doesn\'t seem that cool after somebody who works with jet-fighters!!!!


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    My career so far....

    1. Library assistant
    2. Shopworker in a timber yard
    3. Student Nurse
    4. Qualified nurse :D
    5. Intensive care nurse lol
    6. Clinical software trainer....

    Guess where the injury occurred....


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    Right now my paying-the-bills job is as a project/marketing director for a NY finance firm (who has an office out here in Cali), however just this last week I\'ve taken steps in creating my own graphic/web design studio, which is what I enjoy doing (graphics that is, I have a friend covering the web stuff). The best part of it, is that my employer is already signed on as my first and likely biggest ever client, so I\'m off to a flying start. In fact my first job for the new business starts today!! I\'m excited about it.

    Don\'t tell my employer but I\'m hoping that once my business gets really going I can quit the full time job and be my own boss, so I can set my own hours to get back to school for a advanced degree. Stanford here I come!...eventually.

    But yeah, that\'s a major reason for my ever decreasing painting time...:(

    But should be a good thing in the end!

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    I\'m a professional son.

    Well, I\'m a student with no job on the side currently, though I did a paper route and customer service for Schwab.

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    I am also in the process of starting up on my own.

    Good luck :D

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    I work for an insurance company. Before you decide I am evil, I don\'t do claims. I used to, though. Now I write the policies.

    I was really amused when I saw that Mr. Incredible worked for an insurance company. His office looks a lot like mine, too. And oddly enough, just before I saw the movie, I wrote an insurance policy for Pixar! :D

    zora does the same job I do. Our desks are about 15 feet apart. As if we don\'t get enough of each other working together all day, we game together every weekend.


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    Default lets see...

    I work for a major Telephone company and have done everything from being a telelphone operator to fixing telephone lines.

    Now I am kind of a jack of all trades where I take care of the technical issues for several Directory Assistance operator offices. This work can vary from fixing a bad keyboard to installing and configuring routers.

    Also, I am the website coordinator and newsletter editor for my labor union. I guess that can be considered a job, since they actually do pay me for it!!

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    heh, nice to hear what you\'re doing for living. Anyhow, I\'m working on my thesis studying fetal learning here in Cognitive Brain Research Unit in Helsinki - also doing some other research aid -related things. Soon to graduate and then hopefully to continue studying both born and unborn infants - and start my PhD-studies, of course. :)

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    I study linguistics at the Stockholm University, and paint minis. However, I\'m looking for a part time job to pay my bills, and then paint the rest of the time, but it\'s kind of hard to find a job that doesn\'t involve selling things over the phone :flame:

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    My \"career\" which is more like a glorified way of paying bills is in the field of graphic arts. I work for a large printing firm in NY where I specialize in prepress services. My areas of experise include color scanning, color management, ICC profiling, and file assembly. To put it simply, I am a printer who plays on a computer all day long.

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    Currently, officially, Technical Support for a Medical Electronics company. We make 24-hour ambulatory ECG\'s ( Holter monitors). Unofficially, I also do all network support for the company, general PC troubleshooting, and some graphics design for the company as well.

    assorted previous jobs:
    built, serviced, sold PC\'s
    ran Arts & Crafts stores
    ran large, deep-discount drug stores
    ran grocery stores
    fiberglass layup work
    sold/ serviced travel trailers (caravans for you Brits I believe)
    worked on a Christmas Tree farm
    made auto boody putty

    See all the wondrous and varied possibilities open to you when you were an Art\\Psychology\\Physics major lol

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    Well I just exploit my parents until I can actually finnish all the studies that need to be done ( still 5-6 years I\'d guess :P).
    I did work as a cameraman for fun and to get a bit of money in the US though. Well I don\'t really think it qualifies for a job since it was like somtimes on week end and evenings after school. I got to film all the really boring town meeting, and graduation day (wich was a lot more fun :P).
    And right now I\'m looking to see were I could work this summer for somthing like a month, it\'ll get me some money before I run off to live on my own :flip:

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    im a student studying IT in england

    fun fun times :D

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    Wow all these nice job\'s. Well for me nothing special like BUILDING JETS OR PAINTING THEM but hey everyone has there place. As for me do not have a clue but at the moment I am a Demolition worker For the wonderful laborers union get to tear buildings down. Alot of fun and a big stress reliver :flame: Actully we just finished part of an old Ford Rouge Building ( nice place ) Anyways thats what I do :cool:

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    I\'m a fencing contractor! (Translation... I dig holes):P I hate it so much.:(

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    Default I\'m a journalist/editor.

    I\'m working as an editor in two magazines about publishing, printing and grahic design (both published by the same publishing house) and as a sub-editor in a completely different magazine and theme: beauty. I also do some freelance work for various magaines, writing mostly about beauty/style. I\'m also going to try writing on different topics, for I still haven\'t decided what subject interests me the most in terms of writing about it.

    P.S. Nevermind the typos, please -- I\'ve cut my finger really bad AND I can\'t get used to the new keyboard! :mad:

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    hm im not doing anything apart from goinf to school (you cant really call it \"studying\" ^^)
    if i need larger amounts of money i\'m selling a few minis on ebay (just to spend the money on new minis) or do some mindless electronical stuff at the company my mother is working at.
    you all know the green plates inside of radios? perhaps i made one of those ;)
    the time i spend in school and later university will pays off some day -_-

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    police officer
    sometimes real exciting, sometimes real boring.

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    I\'m a court officer...........i get to draw the order to evict people and mess up their credit history with CCJ\'s and such forth.
    i also get to divorce people too (you would not believe how happy some of these folks are when i give them the news that they are divorced...........on the other hand when i have them on the phone from St Lucia about to get re-married the next day without being legally divorced, thats when the real fun starts) i\'m a baaad, very bad man!

    i get to power trip each day lol
    @space munkie .....i get paid to take @~&%! from solicitors as well a social reprobates :D

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