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    Default Lustria/Rise of Sotek Campaign

    With all the noise about Wood Elves and Ogre Kingdoms an upcomeing mini campaign is comeing up this summer with the release of several new models. It is supposed to cover the lizardmen capaign against Skaven Clan Pestilens. Among the confirmed goodies comeing out are plastic plague monks (hopefully not the butt ugly plastic skaven with a new accessories sprue) New cold ones rider, new High elf mages and captain.

    Rumoured are Plasitc rat ogres, The Great beast of the old ones (think dinosaur with a warmachine on it), a new Teenee Huinee model and a new plague lord model.

    I myself am praying that we get nice skaven that look like rats instead of the fugly hunched over dog ones now and really want to see the Great Beast (I am already thinking Sauropod with a giant catapult on it that can move and shoot.) I was curious to see if anyone else is exited about this and if you plan to pic up some of these minis when available.

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    First I\'ve heard of it. Could be cool.

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    Actually I think the new high elf mage is already out, o maybe they\'re just making yet anothe one.

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    Plastic Rat Ogres with pack masters & rat swarm are not a rumour!


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    Seen the H\'Elf characters in UK WD, and the plastic Bolt-thrower is out at the same time. Mage is very bad, hero is very very good. Mage is female or more she-male.

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    Cool! My two favourite armies are Skaven and Lizardmen, so even if I don\'t play anymore I will still try to get the new models.

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    The Plague Lord is up on GW\'s sneak peaks it is not what I expected and I hate it. I will stick to Jes\'s lord Skrolk mini for mine thank you

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    The Female High Elf Mage looks more hag than high, but I\'m just waiting to see the Great Beast mini.

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    the large beast is cool, but new cold ones made me laugh. One of the poorest minis GW released in the last couple of years...

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    Hmm.. interesting, not sure I like the new models which is a shame. Could be the pics, but I think you are right about the cold ones, they don\'t look any better than the last lot GW brought out.

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    Default My kingdom for a picture of the new wood elves!

    Please? :)

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    looks pretty cool. don\'t have any skaven or lizardmen models, although i still want one of those floating toad things (can\'t remember the name!) may have to buy the rat ogres though. a lot of potential

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    Oki here are pics of the new High elf caracters:

    I really like those new High elf models. The fact that I hated the old mage models does help :P

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    very cool. i think that the mage on the left and the one on the right are amazing. about time they had some really dynamic mages

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    well they did a good job on the pointy ears, but looks like they messed up on the new cold ones. Those are really :|~

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    Yeah, I hate those Cold ones, too... hope they don\'t force those upon the Dark Elves, too...
    ... And whats with the Pirates of the caribbean?!
    ... or a pic of the Great Beast (saw the art in the Army Book... droooooooool!)?

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    I managed to have a look at the Lustria book today and I have to say that the only new lizardmen model that looks like it\'s worth buying is the engine of the old ones. It is very similar to the plastic cold ones and carnosaur (not the brand new lot, the ones the saurus ride) only it looks bigger than the carnosaur and more stretched out. Kind of a cross between the cold ones and a sauropod.

    Considering the amount of dinos that we now know about, I\'m not sure its really the best that they could have come up with. But it is a lot better than the new cold ones whih look pap!

    regards kat

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    Sorry Kat, that aint getting released. It\'s a conversion based on a Forgeworld Great Gnarlok and a Carnosaur (and huge amounts of putty).

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    Originally posted by SJB
    Sorry Kat, that aint getting released. It\'s a conversion based on a Forgeworld Great Gnarlok and a Carnosaur (and huge amounts of putty).
    I was dissappointed when Tim Huckleberry told us this, I was planning to buy 3 of them. That would still be cheaper than attempting that conversion.

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