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    Default Hi everyone

    Hi I am French. I\'ve been playing Confrontation since 1998, i.e. since it exists :)

    Where you all are from ? How long have you been playing and what army(ies) did you choose ?


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    I don\'t see your work in the galleries. The French have a very good reputation for painting ever since Confrontation. We would like to see some of your work posted here:)

    I don\'t really play, but I collect Scorpions (alchemists) I think they look the best... I like to be the bad guy...

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    I am painting a young dwarf female riding a razorback. It is a conversion from a limited editions series of 1000 units. I will buy a scanner soon and I will post my first miniatures on CoolMiniorNot


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    I don\'t play Confrontation, mostly because the rules are still all in
    Franquois. However, I did hear something about a race of Night Elves.
    When they come out, I\'m sold. Also, I don\'t think just because someone
    is French, their automatically good, I think they just have a better eye
    for details than most. :D

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    Originally posted by Chrispy
    I don\'t play Confrontation, mostly because the rules are still all in
    Franquois. However, I did hear something about a race of Night Elves.
    I am sure you can find the rules in English online, even if I don\'t know where ;)

    There will be a race of night Elves called Akkyshan : they will have no male but a queen and some kind of a hive mind just like in Aliens movie. U can find an exemple of their design here :


    Goto to \"dossier\" then \"cartes - promotionnelles\" You will find dozens of designs to be released :)


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    i\'m italian,i\'m 24 and i start painting confrontation minis after 6 years of GW miniatures.
    i changed because i like the look of confrontation minis and because it need few models to begin playing.
    i prefer alchimists....but also gryfons

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    I am from Germany. I haven\'t played a game \'til now \'cause I am still working on my celtic army (only 80 points painted plus a 99pt earth elemental - I posted some of my minis under Vulture at coolminiornot :cool: ).

    @ Chrispy:
    There is an english Confrontation-group at yahoo with translations of the rules:




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    I\'m from Reno Nevada USA, I\'m collecting Alchemists de Dirz and Goblien Pirates.

    I haven\'t got quite enough figures to play just yet and no one to play with either.
    From The Alchemists I have Rahzeem and three tigres, and I don\'t actually have any gobliens just yet. Just two Ork Jackal warriors I have converted to wear pirate hats. I thought they would look cool, and they do.

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