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    Default space wolf

    what are the best choose for a space wolf army of 1000pti against Caos and tyranids?
    if anyone has some tips or deadly combos please tell me

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    Default Space Wolves . . .

    Typically against Chaos:

    - a Wolf Lord
    - a Venerable Dreadnaught
    - two squads of Blood Claws, one with jump packs one without.
    - supported 2 smaller sqauds of Grey Hunters

    Grey hunters provide covering fire as the Blood Claws move up and the Jump Pack sqauds moves up slowly to cover any gaps or trouble spots as they occur.

    Lots of plasma guns and all the power sword points will allow. Essential against Chaos Marine and the bigger \'Nids.

    If you have point left over, a predator is always good or in larger point games a squad of Long Fangs.

    Hope that helps. I\'ll cheque my old lists and see if their is anything else to add later.

    Cheers Wolf Lod Darkblade

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    it\'s better to take wolf guard chief with lightning claws, it less expensive, he can lead a big Blood claws squad (12mini)...jump pack are too expensive too, take moto with power first....

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    I\'d say drop a grey hunters squad from that list and get a SW scouts squad. It will come in handy when he pumbels you with tanks that you can\'t reach, or keeps a squad behind to fire magic at you, or strategicly puts a Havoc unit across the board from your heavy weapons.

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    For giggles try having a Wolf Guard with Mark of the Wulfen and twin Master Crafted Lightning Claws with your Blood Claws. \"It slices it dices it minces!! New Wulfen-o-matic 40000(tm)!!\"lol

    In all seriousness though a squad of scouts always stands you in good stead, if your enemy tries the artillery method. Blood Claws are good for initial shock value but if your planning a slug-fest I\'ve found that Grey Hunters with bolters and CC weapons can dish it out and take it in both close combat and ranged.

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