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    Hey CMoN folk! I\'ve just recently put a few of my fave painted minis up for auction, but I\'m sad to see them go:(
    I guess I was just wondering if any of you guys (and gals of course), feel the same way about selling off your art. I actually do get a kick out of selling them, especially if I know someone is going to use them to game, as I\'m not a gamer. However there have been a few that I regret letting go of.
    Sorry if this topic has been done before, or done to death. I don\'t get to frequent the forums much, so if someone in the know would be kind enough to post a link to the topic I\'de appreciate it.
    If not, anyone else with \"separation anxiety\" or a tale of lost mini woe

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    i feel for you.
    i used to do model planes when i was younger. and they werent good but i spent a lot of time making them. well i didnt sell them, but when we moved when i was 11 from Tenn back to NC, the governemnt hired the movers to pack everything and move it. well the idiots sent the same moving truck to two families to move at once. happens both of the last names for the families were \"smith\". and that is how they labeled the boxes to tell them apart.

    well we didnt get anything that wasnt ours, but were missing a LOT! including my planes.

    not that it is the same as you, since you are choosing to get rid of them, but it still irks me to no end. and i guess maybe that is why i am so anal about things now, and dont let anyone within 10 feet of ANYTHING i own. unless i really have to. cause there seems to be a total lack of respect fromt he whole world in my opinion.

    if you enjoyed painting them and had fun. then be happy your work is enjoyed by someone else.
    if it is a piece you really love the turnout of then dont get rid out if.

    either way...just take the money. get a new mini and start painting over. heck odds are you will be able to get several new minis for the one you sold.

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    Mostly I\'m not bothered, but there are certain things I would never part with.
    If its being sold, then I don\'t want it. I find I don\'t really miss stuff once its gone anyway.

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    If you painted it once, you can paint it twice. :)

    In fact, last couple of times I\'ve been painting two copies of the figures I plan to sell on eBay. Then I sell one and keep the other for myself.

    I wouldn\'t do this with commission work, though. Less due to the extra time and more that I don\'t always like the paint schemes my clients choose. <g> Plus I think part of the price of commission work is for as original piece of work as possible.


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    I definately do, I haven\'t sold many, ok, I\'ve only ever sold one piece (since my post 100% drybrushing stage), but I decided it would be my last. The only way I\'ll ever part with a minature is as a gift or trade or situation such at paint aid. Some way I can fill the loss of the artwork with something else (other than money).


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    wish i had the money or skillz to offer help in the paint aid. :(

    all i can do good so far is assembly. not conversion, just standard assembly.

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    Almost 20 years ago I sold a beautful little 62 Ford falcon, my first car. I can still see it driving away........:(

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    Thanks for the commiseration. I\'ve thought about painting doubles, but with the amount of time that it takes me to do one... Well lets just say I\'ve had a space marine Demon Prince sitting on the Workbench for four months now:(
    Stick with it Shadzar. My stuff is really only high-end table top quality, and I\'ve been painting off and on (mostly off...) for a dozen years. With resources like CMoN, with practice and time you can take your skills as far as you want to go.
    I re-invest any money I make right back into the hobby, so it (pretty much) pays for itself. With the continually rising cost of GW product, and the de-valuing U.S. dollar, it\'s about the only way I can justify the expenditures to the Missus... \"You spent HOW much on little metal guys?\" :rolleyes:

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    I think I would feel a pang of regret If I would ever sell any of my stuff.

    I do tend to get a bit of an attachment to them after spending so many hours with them.

    On the other hand, I never once felt bad selling any of my children.....lollol

    OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER (No children were ever sold, although there have been days when it crossed my mind..)

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    Personally I wouldn\'t even consider selling any of my minis right now. But when I paint a lot faster and when I am well known here on cmon. I might start to sell my minis, but not before.

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    Nope, not at all. What I like about painting miniatures is the process itself. I don\'t play wargames, and I lose interest in a miniature a few days after I finished painting it -- well, that\'s just me. And it\'s always a great pleasure to know that someone somewhere is going to be happy to own a mini I painted.

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