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    Hi, I just heard a rumour and I tohught some people might be interested. The reason for vallejo\'s game color gw equivalents is that gw has bought out vallejo and when hte contract with the current paints is up, the new vallejos will step in. Then gw can charge more for paints. I just hope gw doesn\'t bugger up a good company like vallejo. Questions? Comments?


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    oh boy . . . that\'s some shocking news if it\'s true . . . what\'s your source?

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    On the bright side - people who hadn\'t been able to find Vallejo in the shops in the past will now be able to . . .

    At first blush I really hope that it is just a rumor - reason may prevail later but for now I\'m a bit dejected . . .

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    If this is true, I want to run out and buy more Vallejo\'s before GW changes the formula.

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    Default Ummmm

    Actually I heard this one from my husband. As he is about 50% reliability on rumours I kinda waited for some more rumours from other sources.

    So yes I\'ve heard this too.
    I only wish my hobby store carried the stuff!


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    Oh well... add another company to GW... we lost Taimaya a few years ago, and I watched the prices jump (although the quality has remained the same).
    If Vallejo does become part of the GW empire, its simply good business for both companies. Vallejo will get more exposure, and GW will quit losing sales to Vallejo for their crappy paint bottles.
    After all, its not to paint formula, but the lousy pot design that ruins the paint. Fortunately for myself, I have enough of the older GW paint bottles with the snap on lids for the colors I use regularly, and those are refilled from the current range when they run low. Those old bottles are my personal favorite, I have colors dating to 1988 that I still use almost every day (that old Epic Battles paint set is great, and the original inks in dropper bottles beat those new ones any day).

    Thats my two cents...

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    My sources for this are two friends of mine that work for GW. I was wandering what GW will do about vallejo\'s other line of paints? What about those, I wander if GW will make vallejo discontinue them.


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    Heaven forbid! 220 paints against 60? I hate trying to mix colors over and over and over agian! :P

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    i love mixing color!it seems to me to be an alchemistlol
    anyway,if the formula of vallejo dosn\'t change,i don\'t have anything against GW tactic.

    it have been done before,it will be done WOTC and TSR

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    GW used to have a \"Rumours\" page on their site that answered this kind of thing but dang I cant find it for the life of me . . .

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    OK, people. I\'m from Spain, the country Vallejo is from. I talked this morning to the guy who owns the store I get my Vallejo paints from. The following is direct from Vallejo:

    GW actually contacted Vallejo -and other companies- with a proposition to produce GW\'s paint range. You may or may not know it, but GW don\'t produce their own paints: they get them produced. That\'s what they were looking for. In the end, GW chose their \"new\" paints to be produced by somebody else, be it due to price reasons or whatever. According to my sources, since Vallejo already had done the research and had the new formula, they had decided to release their Game Color range if GW didn\'t give their go-ahead. Which is exactly what happened, and the reason why Vallejo have released the Game Color range.

    Vallejo has not, I repeat, not been bought by GW. They simply had a business contact that didn\'t reach the desired outcome.

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