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    Originally posted by Braveheart712
    Vuture, that is truly awe inspiring. When and if I ever get to painting my dark eldar, your paint scheme is what I had envisioned. I hope you don\'t mind if I borrow from it, it is amazing!
    Thanx a lot for all those nice words, folks! :P

    Feel free to copy my color schemes as much as you like, there are even some tutorials how I painted different minis on my homepage.


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    Well, I have two armies, and I\'m not even sure if they\'re playable anymore. They were put together from the last rules edition for both Fantasy and 40k...kinda gives you a little idea of how long I\'ve been out of it. I think for the last (5th?) edition of Fantasy, I had something like 4000 points of high elves, and for 3rd edition 40k I used to have about 5000 points of Eldar (before I gave away a few vehicles because I figured I\'d never really play) along with workable 2nd edition Harlequin army. Majority of the above is unpainted. Dunno what it is about me collecting armies with pointy ears.

    I also have a fondness for Sisters of Battle, and have a couple squads of them unpainted.

    ...and then there\'s the two unpainted Necromunda gangs and the recently-stripped-of-paint warband from Mordheim.

    I used to have a full Phoenix clan army for Clan Wars, but I sold them a while back.

    Altogether not too impressive, but considering I was just working a retail job back then, I\'m kind of in shock that I could eat...let alone drink as much I did back then. Even with my discount on them little metal things. :wow:

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    How could I forget. I have about 5000 more soldiers in the closet at my mom\'s house. Finely, pristinely , uniquely sculpted- plastic army men.
    Got you now, huh Finn.:]

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    Oh yeah, and an Escher and Orlock gang...

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    Lets see:
    Valhallan Army - Check
    Eldar(40K, BFG, and Epic) - Check
    Clan War (several hundred samurai) - Check
    WAB Celt Army - Check
    Elf Army (Warmaster) - Check
    Orc Army (Warmaster and WHFB) - Check
    Ork Army (40K and Epic) - Check
    Empire Army (WFB and Warmaster) - Check
    LOTR Uruk hai from FOTR - Check

    I better stop now this is getting embarassing

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    Hey not worse than the rest of us. Several hundered Samurai? That is very cool!!!:cool:

    Oh I forgot to mention about my plastic army soldiers. The older ones are cool- the rest are like hmmmm, hey you got some plastic soldier on your mold linelol The are more runs and leaks on those things that make them look like they been melted. Perhaps the truely worst minis out there.

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    3 x 40k, Eldar (all gone now) 3000pts, Space Wolves 6-7000 points (most now sold, now 1500 ish), Tau - abandoned-, 3000pts ish Orks (1/4 painted).

    3x WH 3000pts Chaos (old school, now lost in the attic of doom), 2000 pts Dark Elf, long long gone, swaped most for old chaos army, another Chaos (all new) 3000 points nearly fully painted, and then theres the Bretonnians 2000 pts with all the characters painted and few regiments

    And two Epic armies (from when it was known as Epic-Spacemarine???), Eldar & Orks.

    Spacemunkie would contest to how impressive the Space Wolf army was! Huge, never fielded the whole bloody thing though!!!!

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    Mine is better;)

    Well it would be if I could finish it!

    Now your chaos army..... PHWOARGH!:o

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    Default Ah, children...

    I was busy making a long post, listing all the minis in my Eldar army, when my 2-year-old daughter came along and clicked the mouse, which happened to be sitting on the \"back\" button and I lost my list! Gah!

    Well, there\'s over 130 individual figures (every unit type represented), 4 WraithLords- 3 are heavily converted, a homemade Wave Serpent with movable holo-panels, a resin Scorpion Super-heavy grav tank. And I\'ve decided to sell the majority off on eBay, bits and pieces at a time. (And what am I doing with the money I make? Buying more minis, of course!)

    Then there\'s all the other interesting minis I got, just because I liked them: several Rackhams, many Reapers, a couple of Dark Age Dragyri, and the occasional Spyglass and HassleFree. I also plan on getting some WarCrow in the near future.

    It\'s an addiction, I tell you!
    I need to jion a group- MPA - Miniature Painters Anonymous

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    i\'ve got almost half an ultramarines chapter almost fully painted!
    i also have 15,000 points of steel legion!
    any one got more?

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    1 entire standing company of blood angels, under the 3rd ed. rules...sitting on a shelf. Will be selling off shortly...just finished painting \'em last month...LOL.
    2 seperate space marine forces, one Crimson fist Assault heavy, the other DA shooty boi\'s
    A Beil-tann Battleforce, unpainted...
    A Iyanden/Alaitoc Battleforce (unpainted)except some aspect warriors in yellow and blue.
    A dark eldar raiding party (1000pts.)
    Tyranid invasion (3000pts.)
    Imperial guard Farce (250 pts, 7 models)
    Tau Battleforce (Primed w/ one test)
    Kroot Force (Also primed w/ 3 painted as test)
    Sisters of Battle
    and a necron tomb lord

    That\'s Just the 40k stuff that I PLAY!!
    Not the stuff collected in cases or on display.
    Picked up my first space marine in 1989.
    Been collecting and painting semi-weekly ever since. I have 2 closets, one for clothes, the other for minis and scenery.
    And my downstairs office is STILL overrun.
    And that is just the armies I have pointed on paper, gawd knows I could have more...but that would involve inventory, and then my woman might find out exactly how many I really have!!

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    Let\'s see..
    40K a battle company of Rogue Trader IG (5 platoons of 5 squads) with tanks, chimeras, hellhounds. A couple squads of Orgyns, a platoon of Roughriders. Half painted or paint like :possessed:

    3000ish points of Space Wolfs converted/mostly painted.

    Two SoB armies: one loyalist 5000 points? (mostly painted) one chaos (in the works/ just started)

    And a Biel Tan force that I picked up cheap and started to add to.

    Fantasy: Skaven unpainted 3000 points?

    Necro: Escher (converting with all the heavy/special weapons) poorly painted
    a squad of so over Abites, a gang of Delace, Redemitions/ chaos cult/ Frati Milta for my Sisters

    WarMachine: a whole mess of Cinair <sp?> and the messed up part is I haven\'t played this in a year of so but is the most paint army that I have ???

    Al this and a mess of bits and bobs (orks to be converted for Blood Bowl, odd bits that caught my Eye, and the brain said \"It must me Mine!\")

    Arrgghhh. I really should sell some of this stuff off. Really could use the money, but I doubt that I\'ll get anything close to what I spent on it....

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    Bleeding heck Threadomancy at it\'s best ...Two years old.

    Oi Vey!

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    \"Rise From Your Grave!\"


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    Originally posted by mud duck
    \"Rise From Your Grave!\"

    Or in this case an army of little metal and plastic Zombies..

    Quick someone kill it!

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    1500pt tyranids force and soon il\'l have a low point eldar force just need to get some bitz from home (im at college) do my conversion paint it up and some how find the will to paint my guardians

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    3,500 point dwarf army

    2,000 point tau army

    4,000 point orc and goblin army

    750 point cygnar army

    1,000 point trollbloods army

    and about 1,000 more miniatures from other crap i have bought and will never paint.

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    I have dozens of armies; it\'s just I haven\'t bought them yet, excpet for a 4500+ pt skaven army, a 2700ish point daemonhunter army and about a 3400ish Tau army.

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    can nobody beet my sm collection of ultramarine 1343 and counting!!

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    You\'ve got more ultramarines than there supposedly are. lol

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