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Thread: Revenge of the Sith trailer

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    Default Revenge of the Sith trailer

    Please...redeem the franchise...please...

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    SERIOUS eye candy (that\'s a good thing). I hope the story can keep up with the visuals. Personally I think the very first one was the only one with a compelling story. The others just didn\'t have that spark.

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    I took the family to see Robots last night (fun flick BTW) and they were showing the trailer ... my initial reaction was WOW!! that\'s cool, I wonder if Lucas finaly got some professional writing help.

    Keeping my fingers crossed until May.


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    Yeah, I took the kids in to see Robots for a sneak preview Star Wars Episode 3 trailer, but they showed on for Ice Age 2...

    took a poll among the kids...they\'re looking more forward to Ice Age2...

    ... the Star Wars trailer looks great.. and what a twist !...never would\'ve guess the Sith Lord was really (BLEEP) !....


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    (sorry for the double posting)

    ...or is he?!!!??????


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    Yessss !!!! :D
    Thanks for the trailer :) Hope it\'ll be good, I personally had no probleme with the 1st and the 2nd Star wars. But then again I usually enjoy watching anything that\'s enteraining :P Well I know it wasn\'t a good movie from a artist point of vue. But fun to watch non the less :D

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    I think it was before the Incredibles a while back. Very good potential. Link does not work for me and I do have cable???
    Anyone have another angle to get at this new one?

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    It looks very dark and sinister. That part where the emperor, attacks samuel and the rest of the jedi looks like it\'s going to be seriously cool *makes wwhhhhrr wwhhhrr cuuuuush wwhhhrr sound effects* I just hope It\'s better than the last one. And hell, I think Chewie is in it.

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    @praetorian - the one that was shown with Incredibles was the teaser. This is the full trailer. The site is probably getting hammered as they\'re the first ones that I know of to provide the trailer for download. Keep trying. :)

    @Wurz - Chewie is indeed in it.

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