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Thread: Dark Age figs: where\'s the luv?

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    Default Blah

    Yeah, this is really starting to turn into a flame-fest.
    To each their own, and all that.

    But I\'d have to disagree about the level of detail in print versus sculpts... its possible to acheive the same amount of detail in a cast piece, but not in a cost-effective manner, or to the proper scale.

    Another note... why interpret the paintings as works in themselves? Can the concept art not be manipulated by changing the poses of the characters into something more dynamic? The sculpts are pretty nice, but why can\'t the miniatures designers do a little interpretation of their own?

    Anyway, I\'ll reiterate... to each their own.


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    Well, it seems to me that anyone who plays 40K would be a little hypocritical by overly criticizing Dark Age, due to the similar nature (post-apocalyptic style, jeez, just look at the artwork in the 40K rulebook!) I just got a few from new wave (thanks guys!) and the fine scale on the Reaver model is pretty impressive. A refreshing change from the eight foot hyper scale of space marines and other GW stuff (from 25mm to 28mm to what next? 32mm? Yao Ming minis?) Anyways, great products, great bases (no flash! yay!) and I\'ll get them painted and posted ASAP.

    Just a side note on paint, which was mentioned by someone really critical of DA in this post. You can use the cheap paint (That\'s how I started, and I still use it for scenery) but...once you get to a greater level of detail, thinning it ain\'t enough. The particles (pigment) in that stuff are at least 1.5-2x larger that finely ground mini speciality paint, and no matter how much you thin it, you can\'t paint fine facial features or do good blending (most of the pros use Vallejo or Citadel...so I\'m told)

    Sorry got off topic. I like Dark Age, and I said somewhere on these forums before that competition is a good thing. Great web site and support, and I hope all you post-apocalypse fetishists out there dig it too.

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    the whole line needed to develop.
    and that was not always easy.

    about the detail :
    if you want mass production of metal casts you can never copy a sculpt one hundred percent to the drawing.
    details have to be exxagerated, the volume has to be changed, etc. -
    that will tell you every moldmaker when he sees a sculpt that is not casteable hundreds of times...

    nvstudios - you should look at some gw miniatures and compare it to the gw-artwork -
    now tell me again gw manages it better to copy it ?

    a good sculptor never can copy 100 % in this size but interpretate a drawing.

    thats my 2 cents.

    give DA a chance to develpop guys.

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    Hi all!
    I guess I am coming in fresh, not really having seen Dark Age models much, and having no idea who Brom is (I have a feeling that may be a sin :) ), but after checking out some pictures from artemis-blacks, I have to say i really like the style of the models! Especially the newer ones!

    The Dragyri females look inspiring, and I am pleased to see the scale in one of the photos, as if I hadn\'t I would have thought they were human sized! Very nice miniatures indeed!

    If anyone has any brom sites worth checking, please let me know!

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    Brom\'s main site is:

    While a more complete gallery can be found at:

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    Touchy, touchy. I never said I liked GW or their figs... or for that matter their game. They just pay my bills because that\'s what people want painted.

    And, for the record, we are pro painters and make extensive use of every brand of paint because each it useful in their own right.

    I keep hearing this \"particle size\" thing. Can anyone actually substantiate this with hard scientific evidence? We\'re able to get virtually identical results when we use vallejo, apple barrel, citadel, reaper, or ironwind metals, WHEN used properly.

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    you said the whole line is crap and ridiculous..
    okay. thats your opinion.
    but please think about the reduction for a sculptor under the view of casteability (also some models for the DA-line were the first models of it, as you can see there is a development within this line (also in dynamic poses , etc.)

    so i am not talking about the ability of a painter to paint even the smallest detail but about the reduction for sculpting 35 mm and casting it.

    but i do not want to start trouble here ;)

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    I am painting up some as we speak, I will upload some pictures as soon as I am done. They do paint up really nicely. A lot of details to paint, not something that you can paint fast.

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    Default More opinions on Dark Age

    First off, I\'ve been a fan of Brom\'s art since he first started working for TSR way back when. Now that he\'s gone freelance, I\'m even more enthralled with his work.

    When my buddy Chad and I first heard about DA, when jumped at the chance to work as a demo team out here in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, to be exact). There was a certain amount of fanboy-ish enthusiasm in the whole thing, what with the names associated with this new company (Brom, Haley, Klocke, Buddle, etc.). While the hype-machine was still going strong, Chad was busy painting up Dragyri models, and I was busy putting the thumb-screws to the local game store owners, in order to convince them to carry the line. We managed to get the two biggest stores around here to bring in Dark Age.

    However, things have kind of stalled a bit. Once they saw the Forsaken models in person, there were people dying to start up armies, but just about everybody decided to wait until the other armies were done (or at least playable) before they started. The sentiment around here is \"wait and see\", mostly because alot of people still remember dropping a fair bit of cash into Chainmail, only to see the game die off thanks to Hasbro.

    Racel, what\'s the latest word about the Dragyri Trueborn models? Last I heard, there were some casting issues, and alot of the releases were on hold until they were resolved. I talked to Brom in person a few months back (while he was up in Vancouver for a convention), and he hadn\'t heard anything new either.

    Like I said, there are a few anxious gamers waiting for this line to take off, but most are pretty gun-shy about investing into any new game, after so many have faltered (Chainmail, Chronopia, Warzone, Vor, etc.). It\'s gotta be really tough starting off and trying to sell a new game these days...

    Kelly Kim
    Sorcerer Studios

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    Originally posted by Kelly Kim
    Racel, what\'s the latest word about the Dragyri Trueborn models? Last I heard, there were some casting issues, and alot of the releases were on hold until they were resolved.

    Kelly Kim
    Sorcerer Studios
    Sorry for the late reply, but my full-time job has been a lot more than full time lately. :(

    In regard to the Dragyri Trueborn, they have been the subject of a lot of problems as many of you know. I am a big Dragyri player, so I am very very familiar with this issue. Buddle did a great job on the first Soul Warden, but we had so many casting issues that it was produced in very limited numbers. We changed casters and are fixing the issues that kept plaguing us in the past. We are also getting much better casting in general now, so any issues you saw with our early pieces should all be corrected. We have a number of Trueborn sculpts done by Werner Klocke that will be coming out in the near future. Mr. Klocke did the female Dragyri before he was asked to do male ones since we had several other sculptors that were doing male Dragyri. Unfortunately, almost all of the male Dragyri we received were not exactly what we wanted and we had to keep looking for something that fit with our original design and vision of them. We should have turned back to Mr. Buddle or Klocke months ago, but there were commissions paid and we needed to wait for results that were slow in coming. Now that we are getting awesome sculpts for the Dragyri from Mr. Klocke, we hope the curse is over and that a new day is dawning for all the Dragyri players out there. On a side note, we just got the miniatures for the female Dragyri and they will be shipping as soon as we have all the cards ready for the blisters. The miniatures look great, and when you all see the male Dragyri, I feel you will agree they were worth the wait. We are especially happy with how the Death Device miniature has come out (exactly like the concept), he has one really massive sword. We also have two sculpts ready to go for the Dragyri range combat unit called Soul Splitters. The have massive crossbows. One was done by Mr. Klocke, and the other by a new artist we are trying. I can’t wait to add they to my army and hope you all will feel the same.

    Hope this helps answer some of the concerns you have about the Dragyri part of our line. If you have more, please ask and I will try to answer.

    Jeff Racel
    Dark Age Games

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    Originally posted by PT_Racel
    The miniatures look great, and when you all see the male Dragyri, I feel you will agree they were worth the wait. We are especially happy with how the Death Device miniature has come out (exactly like the concept), he has one really massive sword.
    Gakk! as if swords weren\'t ridiculously large already. I hope you are exaggerating.
    Also, where\'s the slaves? From the drawings I still think they are the best looking part of Dragyri.

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    Originally posted by vincegamer

    Gakk! as if swords weren\'t ridiculously large already. I hope you are exaggerating.
    Also, where\'s the slaves? From the drawings I still think they are the best looking part of Dragyri.
    The slaves have been out since the beginning. Have you not seen any? I will look for a link for you to some pictures. Sorry about that. Oh, yes the sword is massive. :innocent:

    Jeff Racel
    Dark Age Games

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    Default Dark Age figs: where\'s the luv?

    I just picked up some Dark Age figs at Hobby Workshop.My first in that line.I\'d have to say-Awesome.Yeah the some forsaken are somewhat clunky,but overall,my impression is extremely positive.

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    \"Oh my god the swords are too big! Oh my god the swords are too big!\" Jeez, are there always going to be those of you who say that for every mini ever manufactured. Draghyri have big blades because the are far stronger than humans, and are twice as huge. If you don\'t like big swords, buy some forsaken, there\'s currently no drawn swords in the lot of them.
    Sorry if I seem a bit rude, but it gets my goat when people get into a similar mind. I refuse to be dragged down into popular opinion and choose to make my own! Viva la revoultion!! Rodney King! Attica! Attica! :P

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    Perhaps my way of phrasing it was rude.
    Sorry, but it\'s a personal peeve of mine. It\'s my opinion that many miniatures are designed with horrible swords. Something made of metal that large would snap bone by sheer weight.
    To say that Dragyri as hella strong doesn\'t justify most of Rackham\'s line, and frankly if it\'s to your taste, don\'t try to explain it, that implies you see it as a problem. It\'s just the way the artist wanted it. I will continue in my opinion and buy what I think is realistic because I like it and others can buy what they like.

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    I personally have no problem with the weapons\' sizes for one simple reason. We\'re dealing in fantasy here. Using our measuring stick of what physics apply to the metals our technology employs just may not apply to these fantasy environs. Use your imagination. Who says \'magic\' in some form can not be used to make these weapons incredibly prehensile yet light enough to be this size. If it\'s simply the visual you don\'t like, good on ya. But don\'t use real-life logic to justify/criticize the these things. Oh, I absolutely love the Trueborn weapons. They are indeed massive, as are the Trueborn weilding them. Ciao.:idea:

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    Good point, except of course in this particular forum we are talking about science fiction, not fantasy.

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    Actually, he was referring to your comment on Confrontation, but the same applies with the Draghyri. Their culture is born out of using crystals/psychic powers. Who\'s to say those weapons aren\'t grown, sculpted crytals that resonate with some power as to allow the wielder extra strength? .. I make up alotta crap don\'t I? :P

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    Wow, this thread sure has become convoluted.... how many subjects are there?

    Paint: I\'ve been painting for about 15 years now, and have used a wide variety of the miniature paints out there (I have stayed away from \"craft\" paint, so I\'ll refrain from comment there). At least 3 versions of citadel (GW) paints, 2 or 3 of Ral Partha, Armoury (house paint, really!), Poly S, Testors, Reaper (yuck), Vallejo, etc. My paint of choice today is Vallejo. Purely on paint alone, they exceed in quality all the other brands I listed. I will qualify this statement by saying I believe a good paint is one that will not be grainy, will mix/blend proverly with other paints (with the addition of mediums if necessary), and will cover in one pass. Vallejo is the only mini paint I\'ve found that fits all these criteria. I still use some Partha, GW, and Armoury, but will probably replace all slowly with Vallejo as they become unviable.

    Casting: The durability of a thin sculpt in a mold isn\'t so much a problem as actually filling the cavity later. Silicone molds exist that would not subject the figure to heat and could pick out the finest details (the pressure making the mold is more of a problem, but harder sculpting materials could be used). But when it comes down to it, you still have to get metal in the cavity. There is a reason most minis have thick legs/ankles, or have cloaks billowing about their feet. Other than looking cool, these features allow the metal an easy channel into the mini, as most minis are filled from the feet. Thin ankles alone could prevent the mold from filling, leaving just the tab and feet for your troubles. Thin features in the rest of the model can be just as troublesome, not to mention are prone to bending when removing them from the mold.

    Dark Age: I have yet to see a mini in person, or to read one rule relating to the game, so all I have to go on is what I see on the internet. In my opinion (speaking as a hobbiest who also works in the retail of miniatures), there are a couple reasons why they are not in more stores. Primarily, no distributors seem to carry them. I have talked to all the distributors I normally deal with (North America), and none carry the Dark Age line. Alliance, Gameboard, and Centurion are the ones I normally use, in that order. While I\'m sure it\'s possible to purchase wholesale through Dark Age directly, retail stores typically do not have to enter as great a commitment when buying through a distributor. Secondly, though I would like to start carrying the miniatures, the style isn\'t geared towards the majority of hobbyists. Reaper has enjoyed the success they have because of their generic quality. They can be used in a wide variety of games, especially in D&D, which is their primary selling point in my store. The Dark Age line seems very game-specific, and, unfortunately, people are very wary about buying into new games. Thirdly, the man-sized figures are priced way above what the market can bear. Customers will snatch up figures left and right at $3-4/fig (Reaper). Anything more and they pause to think, weighing their options. $10 and more is out of the question, unless the figure is really cool or necessary for the game. Now, I am working under the assumption that these are 28mm. If they are 36mm or so then they may be priced right (North Star).

    I will still look into carrying the line and will probably have to contact Dark-Age directly to do so. I will also look at the rules and see what they have to offer. Without the game to support it, this miniature line isn\'t going anywhere (anyone want to buy some Chainmail figs?).

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    This certainly has been a long topic.

    Well, since some of you probably never seen a Dark Age miniature in person, here is a few pictures of our new releases:

    Note that the first 3 are Dragyri Trueborns, they are all 54mm tall, and the last one is 30mm human size.

    I will try to address some of the issues here also:

    Dark Age has been picked up by Diamond, ie. Alliance, it should be on their catalog for pre-order. They are initially carrying about 1/2 of the line and will catch up as they go. So smaller store that like to pay everything with one check will be able to get them from them.

    The Dark Age line is not as game-specific as you think. Many buy the Dragyris for Inquisitor and the humans are used a lot for D&D modern.

    As for the price point, that will slowly be fixed. We are getting a third sculpt done for most of our 2 packs. So, instead of lowering our price, most of the 2 packs will eventually be 3 packs for the same price, which will turn out to be about $3.33 per miniature... around your magic number. Our humans are 30-32mm tall.

    Some of the aliens like the Trueborn Dragyris and Golab are 54mm tall... we have been selling the new Dragyri females at $6.99, which I think is way below industry standards for a 54mm miniature of this kind of quality. So we are actively making our miniatures more affordable.

    And finally, for those of you that have not downloaded the rules yet, wait a week or so, we are almost finished with the new pdf, and the game plays very fast and we have added tons of stuff to our free rules pdf.

    I thank all of you for your concerns and we take it very seriously. I hope to see you at the Dark Age website. For those interested in carrying the line, please email me at Dark Age

    Dark Age Games

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