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    Default ALAHAN BARD

    Hi, I\'m going ot start painting an alahan bard, but I just can\'t ifgure out how they did the light brown/off white armour, any ideas?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Looks to me like GW Bleached Bone mixed into Bestial Brown . . . . ? and then highlighted up to and ending with Bleached Bone . . ???

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    Default Colours

    I agree with the nolrmal GW colour blending as suggested by Falshman14, but I think that the paints on this one are Vallejo not GW just by looking at the colour balance. There is a slight tinge of fleshy soft pinkish colour there.
    And at this point I\'m knackered as I don\'t know the Vallejo range... Sorry.

    Hope this helps.

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    Well i know some of the range and i think its buff lightened with some white as the shade. i would say if you want a gw paint answer it would be bubonic brown lightend with bleached bone , then a layer of bleached bone. the effect will become more apparant after you apply some matte.

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    Default Colors

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I think I\'ll either try buff blended to white, or I was thinking bestial brown blended to bronzed flesh, then blend that to bleached bone. I think that would be about the same, perhaps a touch darker, maybe start with a mix between bronzed flesh and bestial?


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    I believe the colors you\'re wanint in Vallejo are: Iraqui Sand, Dark Sand, and Beige as well as a teeny bit of White for the final highlight. The whie armor can be weird sometimes beause it is more reflective, but you\'re not attempting NMM...

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