New Mini After a Year Layoff
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Thread: New Mini After a Year Layoff

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    Default New Mini After a Year Layoff

    Well, it has been a year since I painted a mini. This one was actually started in March of last year around this time. After a year of personal turmoil, it feels really good to finally get something done.

    I would appreciate any and all feedback on how to make this mini better. While good, I really want to be able to paint at a high level consistently (long long road I know :) ) so any feedback would be extremely valuable.


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    Broke n English

    Default Doobie doo!

    Welcome back!! lol Great figure,I like the colours.For advice I could only say the green is mabe a little flat at the edges and the armour could do with one or two more lighter shades! :cool: great job though,cool base :cool:;)

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    I would agree with BNE about the green and the armor, I would say bring the highlights up a notch. The banner is also dying for some more freehand work, something anything. The face looks nice. And the base is cool. Your attention to detail is excellent.

    The only other words of wisdom that I could share is don\'t wait so long between minatures. :D

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    Welcome back and a very nice paintjob there.
    I would suggest an extra highlight on the armour.

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    Its nice to get back into painting!

    Looks good! What everyone else said is spot on, as far as improvement goes :)


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