A morbid fascination with people\'s tastes in music.
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Thread: A morbid fascination with people\'s tastes in music.

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    Default A morbid fascination with people\'s tastes in music.

    Question: What genre(s) of music do you enjoy listening to? Fell free to add ones I\'ve missed and list you favourite bands or songs. I\'m always on the lookout for something new and cool to expose my ears to.

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    I actually listen to several types of music. I clicked \'Rock\' because it\'s the most common playing, but I also listen to Electronica and Classical -- these usually when I\'m painting, as they help me to relax.
    Rock is for work, when I need to stay awake.

    What do John Bonham and Stumpy Joe have in common? They both died choking on vomit.
    But Stumpy Joe choked on someone else\'s vomit...
    And, as Nigel Tufnel says... You can\'t... dust... for vomit.

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    I would have to vote Rock. As that encompasses the genre\'s that I like.

    Metal Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Judas Priest, Tool, Slayer...

    Pop Sara McLachlan, Loreena McKennitt, U2...

    80\'s New Wave Duran Duran, Ah-ha, Eurithmics, Blondie...

    Punk Rock The Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones...

    60\'s Rock Led Zepplin, Doors, Jimi Hendix, Janis Joplin...

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    I like classic operas, esp. Carmen, Turandot, the magic flute(Zauberflöte).
    And Musical songs. I love Le miserable, Phantom of the Opera, mostly older stuff.
    And metal. I just don\'t have much CD\'s. I listen to it with my boyfriend.

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    Well I like basically anything. But Alternative rock, metale, punk, and oldies rock come in first. Can\'t stand to listen to most Rap or radio RnB stuff ( real RnB ain\'t that bad).
    Has for favorit bands, Indochine !!!! (that\'s french so don\'t worry if you don\'t know it, even though you could try and dl a couple of songs :P).
    I also really like nightwish, wich is a really cool alternative metal band. And then in no specifique order: feeder, blink, ataris, foutain of wayne, Ska-p, and many more :P

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    I\'d have to say Metal and Rock. As for bands...

    I like King Diamond because of his amazing octave range and technical prowess in singing, and also for the stories his albums tell. Rhapsody makes incredible epic songs and once again nice stories. Virgin Steele is the band that actually introduced me to metal, and they still rank high on my scale. Ayreon can convey emotions incredibly well, only surpassed by classical music in my opinion.

    There are so many more, but I can\'t list them all now, can I? ;)
    Choosing one Album, I would say Aina - The metal opera is great. Tho whole story might be a litle clichee, but it works, and the very well-played music only sweetens the deal ;)

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    Rock... Papa Roach, Ramstein, many others... :cool:

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    I think I like punk, such as Nirvana, but that could be rock too, so categorizing music has always been hard for me. I also love Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand. And I can\'t forget Damien Rice!

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    African drums
    Bullfight music
    Medieval choral music
    Gregorian chant
    and on and on and on....

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    Wow Drake Farstrider...we listen to a lot of the same music!!
    I have to add Jazz to my list though. Not that lame \"light jazz\" either. It\'s got to be ballads from the 30\'s-40\'s or Cool Jazz from the 50\'s-60\'s, or newer Jazz with those influences.
    Also, Franz Ferdinand is one of my new favorites too.
    We\'ve also been listening to the soundtracks to the LOTR movies, O Brother Where Art Thou, Alias and La Femme Nikita.
    I like Chemical Brothers when working on bases. :)
    There really is no genre that I don\'t like.

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    Some of my favs are:

    \"orchestral\" / stuff that\'s not rock - Dead Can Dance / Lisa Gerard, In the Nursery, Peter Gabriels Passion

    alternative / gothic - Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Clan of Xymox,

    pop - Ultravox, Talking Heads, REM, U2


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    You name it - cepting country - and I listen to it - Including Indian Pop.

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    I guess for the poll I\'d have to choose \"rock\"...hrmm...let\'s see...

    Ya know, you could probably just take Drake\'s music for me too. Then add:

    Classical and Gregorian Chant - Still have a soft spot for Dvorak
    Industrial and Goth - Rammstein, Pop Will Eat Itself, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation...
    Anime Soundtracks - Cowboy Bebop and almost anything else by Yoko Kanno, also lots of stuff from Studio Ghibli
    Game Soundtracks - Especially anything by Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Cross, Xenogears, etc)
    Soft rock/pop - I have no idea what else to call it. Sorta folk. Stuff like Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel, Elton John...
    Irish Folk - Christy Moore, Dubliners, Oliver Mulholland (who comes back home to Seattle soon! Yay!)
    A little Irish Punk - Mostly Flogging Molly, but my friends subject me to some others too. :)

    ...and Broadway musicals. Some of them anyway.

    Yeah...I\'m a little eclectic in my taste.

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    I like most stuff so I couldn\'t really vote...although some of the more\'extreme\' jazz really isn\'t to my taste.

    Just bought the new Basement Jaxx album of all the singles so I am currently bouncing round the living room like a complete wally, and silently wondering if I\'m going to pop my speakers (my upstairs neighbour is away for the weekend!)



    (Good ol\' South London lads are Basement Jaxx)

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    Bought the My Dying Bride back catalogue yesterday (well, nearly everything). The folly of sales combined with an anal need for completeness and order... always my downfall.


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    Boiled In Lead
    the Tim Malloys

    Two very different Minnesota Irish bands that have you dancing and drinking whiskey. :D

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    @ Celthulhu - Drinking and whiskey huh? That\'s a very dangerous combo for me. :D

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    Default I like the Moon!

    I bet you will too.

    The Moon!

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    indian devotional chanting, anything by Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht (esp. if Lotte Lenya is singing), medieval organ organ music and chanting, pre-1980 Bowie & Lou Reed, Ennio Moriconne, the original Star Wars soundtrack... and just about anything else ...

    except for Helmut Lotte or Danish \"Dansk Top\" music...


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    so the assumption is that mini painters don\'t listen to Rap or R&B? :)

    Probably the 3 catagories that the majority of what I listen to would fall into would be Electronica, Rap, and rock, probably in that order. After that there is a lot of the other catagories as well, but I guess i\'ll stick with electronica on the voting.

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