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    Default Another CCV entry

    Well, I can\'t let Eric and Becca have all the fun!!! Sorry for the dual posting, but w/ such a large figure, I wanted to try and show a few different angles and close-ups.

    Thanks to all who voted for her in the contest and a HUGE thanks to Jason for doing such a class job on the contest.

    Oh, BTW, if you want to see her in person (and you find yourself in the Portland, OR area tomorrow), I\'m taking her to Gamestorm where I\'m doing a painting demo.


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    This was my best in show, outstanding painting, on top of being something interesting and different.

    Awesome work Jim


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    Broke n English

    Default Breathtaking...

    ...simply gorgeous! I was 4th to vote on the second pic,it\'s still at 10.0! :wow: Can\'t see it slipping much from there! The second picture really shows the quality of the fire blends off,tremendous quality,cheers :D;)

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    Please please don\'t take this the wrong way SVP but (as Jason also opined) this wouldn\'t have got my vote for best in show simply because it\'s 20 cm tall. Of course it\'s still freakishly amazing! How do you even paint like that ?????????

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    Eh eh I had guessed right :D I really like your still and this one is no expetion. It\'s really amazing. Good job winning the large categorie.

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    Thanks to everyone for the kind words ...

    NSA - no problem ... I understand Jason\'s (and your) position and respect that. It\'s very difficult to compare figures w/ such differing sizes ... how one has to paint is very, very different.

    As to your question, hopefully you will find out (as I was painting Fire, I took an excrutiatingly large number of step-by-step pics) and I will try to get a tuturial up in the next month or so.


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    Wow what an incredible peice there Jim. This peice really showcases your talent. Congrats on the win.

    Can\'t wait for the Tutorial. :D

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