Nobody plays WHFB?
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Thread: Nobody plays WHFB?

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    Default Nobody plays WHFB?

    I\'ve seen lots of pics up here so somebody has to be playing.

    What army is the best? I like Orcs and Gobbos myself because I get to have giants.

    Anybody else play O&G?

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    Our O&G player has a cool theme going on - his Orcs don\'t trust Goblins enough to bring them to the battle, so he has a Goblin-free army. His Stone Thrower manned by Snotlings and a Troll is a masterpiece - I\'ll try to get a pic up sometime.

    I play Dwarfs but I\'m way behind with getting them painted.

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    40K is a more popular game, people that plays it are more passionate about the fluff. Besides, since GW launched the 6th edition... they have not released too many of the new army books to promote interest. But with that said, Fantasy is a popular genre, with a lot of interest... for Warhammer and other Fantasy games or D&D...

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    If I had time to paint an army and play, and my friends had time to play (we are all 30 years old and too busy) I would play WHFB rather than 40k. I really like WHFB - used to play it in University days.

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    though more popular, numerically, I dont think there\'s much to support 40k players being more into the fluff than WHFBers. Thats always going to depend on relative factors. Anyway... i\'vebeen playing WHFB since 3rd ED, and have long since abandoned 40k except for occasional friendly 2nd ED games. the v.3 revision killed my enthusiasm, along with Necrons and Dark Eldar. the mythos is so rich, and that was all they could come up with to stimulate/add to the game? I personally found it depressing. anyway, just so you know, we WHFBers are out here. 5-6kchaos, 25k empire, 8k undead, 4k DOW.
    yeah, i aint going away too soon. :)

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    I have Orcs and Gobbos about 3000 points. I just got a Wyvern I am itching to get into battle. I just started playing recently about a few months ago.

    About 50 people in my area play WHFB and more play WH40K. The majority of them are old folks in their 30\'s and 40\'s :) Most of the WH40K crowd is younger like teenagers and early twenties.

    Right now most people are using Ravening Hordes until the army books comes out. This summer Chaos comes out so alot of people will be getting into the chaos armies.

    Dwarves are my favorite but I didn\'t get them for a couple of reasons. Mostly because I wanted a giant to be honest. And orcs are easier to paint for me. And the orcs are a funny army to watch. Their unpredicatable nature makes them really funny to me.

    I also like orcs because I think snotlings are cute. And squigs are funny looking. I think it is the funniest army in the game to play with if you accept that they aren\'t going to do what you want them to do.

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    I would agree that 40k attracts a larger audience than WHFB, but having said that, I prefer Fantasy battle. GW are clever to release the chaos books for both games at the same time as it will encourage chaos players to collect armies for both games. I guess the daemon models will remain generic, saving these player\'s money.

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    yeah 40k pulls in the kids, wfb is more fun tho, more expensive too :(
    i used to work for GW, in one of the stores in london, and yeah theres still loads of players, just no really decent clubs to play in.....maybe i should start something????

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    Default Hmm...why is 40k more popular?

    Let\'s see. For a typical tourney/friendly game most people play 1500 points of 40k and 2000 points of Fantasy. A typical 40k army (not bugs or guard) has approximately 40-50 models. in contrast, the majority of Fantasy armies contain 60-80 models. For a lot of people (at least those I have heard from) those additoinal 20 models to paint make a HUGE difference.

    Also, they tend to swing around a bit. Three years ago WFB seemed to be more popular, but recently 40K has taken over. It could very well be the case that the missing army lists are depressing interest in WFB. We\'ll see once the army books are all released (sometime a few months before WFB 7.0 is relaeased <G>).

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    I play Fantasy, and it is great!!!

    40k is just \'more\' popular because it has been concentrated on more than fantasy for the past 1 or 2 years...

    wait till necrons are done, then fantasy will be popular again

    p.s. I do play 40k, as well.....;)

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    I play WHFB - I have O&G (1500pts), Dark Elves (>5000 pts), High Elves (1500 pts).

    At my local store (Valhalla\'s Game Center), this game is the most popular one in tabletop mini genre.

    This game is fun to play even though my Dark Elves only won once against Goblins and a draw with Dwarves - but one day... maybe they will win more ;)

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    Here in Nijmegen, Holland, Fantasy is about as much played as 40K (most gamers I know play both) but Fantasy is higher rated (we rate the 40K-rules as a simple way to learn the basics of Warhammer).
    For converting stuff, 40K is better as you don\'t have the trouble of regiments and discovering that your painstakingly converted and painted Goblin Warboss doesn\'t fit in a mob ;)

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    Originally posted by kahoolin
    yeah 40k pulls in the kids, wfb is more fun tho, more expensive too :(
    i used to work for GW, in one of the stores in london, and yeah theres still loads of players, just no really decent clubs to play in.....maybe i should start something????
    Starting a club is easy; a few weeks before GW Nijmegen closed in February, one of our customers started a gaming club, advertized for the club in our store, and now all the regular customers of our store are members. No hard work at all!

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    Default WHFB

    I play both WHFB and WH40K. I have around 1500 points of Beastmen (I\'m waiting to see what happens with the new Chaos lists before I commit to any other purchasing...) and I also have around 2000 points of Lizardmen. Neither army is painted, because I usually play 40K if I play anything at all. 40K just comes more naturally, not to mention its easier to paint for because every trooper is an individual, not one of 30 or 40 in a regiment. This might also be why I play Space Marines...


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    I was beginning an orc army with the new rules when I found everyone plays WH40K here, I guess being a military town, people want guns, and not magic.. Still, I would throw together my army in a pinch if I could play someone.. I want a giant too!

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    Default Fantasy

    Well I have close to 2K points of undead just not painted yet, for the most part. I picked it up when a store was going out of business, and cheap. taht said, I have had no time to really spend painting it since my painting has been diverted to something completely different. I have to take a photo of my skelly regiment though... since they are fully modelled and modified.


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    Its all about the stunties. How can you go wrong on a race that loves beer.
    One of the best basic core troop type. T4 w/HA

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    Right now I have some old school Dogs of War, a bunch of unpainted new Dark Elves, and a Chaos army on the horizon. The new army book is just too good to pass up.

    I\'ll have to do something about the Warriors though, the old ones look like crap compared to the rest of the range.

    Methinks Chaos SM conversions for the most part... we\'ll see :cool:

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    Default Bretonnia!!!

    I have a very big Bretonnian army, at least 4000 points completely painted. I play and paint only this army. With the current rules (no army book yet), they suck a little bit but I like the chivalrous idea behind everything. And most miniatures are just great; they give you alot of possibilities to paint.

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    Default SKAVEN FOR EVER!!!!!!

    I play Skaven and I just got to say SKAVEN RULES EVERY F*CKING ARMY OUT THERE!!!!!!
    If annyone want I can send some pics of it to him...:D

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