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    i almost played. i 1st saw gw terminators but quickly hooked onto fantasy because i like it better, bought the game read the rules, bought some books, bought some characters (eltharion still one of my favs) never bought any rank n file past what the boxed game offered (spearmen and arch) life became interesting in a bad and good way and never played. the only way id play today is if they did something like inquisitor with fantasy minis. i was very tempted to pic up the mordhiem range but couldnt swallow the range quite as well even though i guess i could have made my own with reaper minis. nowdays as i see it ill never play board games only comp games but i have my eye on reapers release soon enough in 2003.

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    also one thing that stopped me from WHFB was the rank an file aspect. after sitting in with one of my firends while he played a 40k game with space wolves i grew to like the loose forms and couldnt see why GW wouldnt adopt a system like target games chronopia.

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    I own a decent Empire force for WHFB and a starter Necron force and bits of an Imperial Guard Force for 40k. But I can\'t get the time in to paint them up . . working on too much miscelanea and non miniature crap . . VPS2 Vice City! Yeah!

    NYC has a pretty rich gaming community it seems - the local GW is always hopping and some folks rented out a space (Neutral Ground) to do nothing but provide a place to game -- and to sell some miniatures. At any rate I know I\'ll always have a place to play once I get this stuff painted up.
    There\'s just a million and one distractions out there with movies, console games, etc etc.

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    well i do play whfb. actually i take part in every tourney near me and lose house high with my darkelves... ;)
    will get some khemri and tzeentch now. :)

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    Default I\'ll play

    I never planned playing because the expense was too high and I met too many GW snobs (you can\'t play that old Ral Partha Elf Mage as Teclis! It\'s not the right figure!).
    Recently though I bought about 2000+ points of old school high elves for around $30 and found out the local players aren\'t hard-nosed about using the correct figs - or even about playing with unpainted figs. I picked up the rule book cheap on ebay and as soon as I find a cheap high elf book I\'m gonna play. Over Christmas break from school I plan to start painting them regardless.
    Oh, if I\'d had all the time and money to begin with I would have chosen Skaven, but can\'t go wrong with the price I paid.

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    Default Age of Darkness

    HEY I can sed you guys pics of a game called \"Age of Darkness\"! It\'s soooo cool!!!!:innocent:

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    Originally posted by hej hej adstar
    I play Skaven and I just got to say SKAVEN RULES EVERY F*CKING ARMY OUT THERE!!!!!!
    Nope Orcs rule, mate!

    That being said, I dumped 40K for WFB. 40K\'s gotten too boring and GW needs to quit changing the Assault rules every 2 months. I have 4K each of Orcs and Empire, and 7K in High Elves, all OOP models.

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    Default skaven rules over orcs

    are u mad? a \"good\" orc is a Tolkien orc, the warhammer orcs are kinda sucky....:flame:

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    Warhammer was huge where I\'m from until the put out 6th edition. Then everyone just stoped playing!

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    Default 25k !!!

    \" 5-6kchaos, 25k empire, 8k undead, 4k DOW.
    yeah, i aint going away too soon. \" :o

    How the hell do u make such large armies i have a 2k empire armie and took me a year and a half to finnish it, plus a lot of money. Has for 40k being cheaper i don\'t think that\'s true. Because there may be less minis involved put there more expansive. 24.5$ for 8 teminators, for the same price u get 20 empire militia, same goes with thos big tanks that are like 50$. Less minis but has expensive.

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    I used to play WHFB a lot with my friends when all of us where at University. In fact we played every weekend 1 or 2 games. We owned all the gamebooks of the 5th edition and played with whatever mini we had (You could see in our games a lot of Lizardmen being Imperial militia, for example :P)
    With time we went to the 6th edition and we bought an army. Now one of my friends own a +4k Imperial army and I own myself a +3k High elves army (probably near 4k).
    I also bought the WH40k rulebook, and played 5-6 times but we didn\'t liked it as much as our WHFB.
    I don\'t know if I\'ll be able to play in future, when I get a job and so, but I would like to play from time to time (maybe 1-2 games a year to remember old times :))

    And about the best army book... It depends who ur fighting against.

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    I actually haven\'t been playing too much of anything, but I start collecting and painting armies about 15 years ago. So take that into consideration. I love painting the Brettonians and have about 5000 points that are painted and another 5k waiting. My Dark Elves are almost all painted and could field probably 7k with about 3k of just female figures. I prefer playing DE of the armies I have. But after the recent rules change I\'ve got a bunch of stuff I\'ll never be able to field again. (Anyone need a dozen bolt throwers?) I also have a fully painted Orc army. I used to be able to put about 8000 points on the table but sold some recently so not sure. My largest army has to be the dwarves. They also are all painted I love the figures but they\'re mostly decorations at this point. And finally I have an undead army of about 4k that I have never played. Picked it up from a friend and finished the painting about the time I lost most of my opponents. Obviously the painting is much more of a hobby for me than playing.

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    I have 2000 points High Elves Army and i\'m building 2000 points Vampire Counts Army for Lahmia. I actually play both games, WHFB and WH40k. My only WH40k army is 2000 points Blood Angels.

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    I\'ve collected O&G but I haven\'t got them really much cause I realised that skirmish is just ultimate fun. I\'ve got a doomdiver that I got from my cousin for free and a regiment of nightgobbos that I got the same way
    (his sisters boyfriend collected O&G but stopped
    and I get all the leftovers:D ) I\'ve also got a regiment of orc boyz and a unit of ten arrerboyz
    and a stonetroll (it rocks:cool::) I also got a shaman and a boar chariot. I know that my army couldn\'t have so much rare and special choises but I live in a small town that doesn\'t have any collectors that I know of so I paint them just for fun but my cousin and his littlebro collect chaos so we sometimes battle against each other.
    Then after I found out about skirmish I got a regiment of empire spearmen and a week ago I bought a dragon ogre and a snotling swarm.

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