On to Valhalla ... Dark Sword Parkinson Valkyrie vignette
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Thread: On to Valhalla ... Dark Sword Parkinson Valkyrie vignette

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    Default On to Valhalla ... Dark Sword Parkinson Valkyrie vignette

    I\'d been wanting to paint this mini ever since I saw the green but have been a bit negligent in finishing it. Finally, she is complete.

    I was really pleased how the Woodland Scenics snow worked out ... haven\'t had much luck w/ it before ... this was the first time I used white glue instead of super glue ... came out looking like snow instead of ice chunks. I know that her color scheme is pretty subdued ... but then that\'s what I do. ;)


    I hope that you like her ... and any of you that haven\'t picked up the Parkinson set from Dark Sword, I highly recommend doing so ... the Tom Meier sculpts are too die for!!!


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    Nice,left a comment.
    I love the figure but think the tree is too big and the snow is too clean.Personal preference of course:)
    I did notice it was at 9 with one vote and when my comment went through it was on 8 with 2 votes so someone must have given a 7,bit rough I say so I give you a 10.;)

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    thanks ... I struggled w/ the size of the tree but then went w/ the bigger of two I was thinking about to suggest that the graveyard had been around a long time ... maybe too much subtlety, but that was my thinking.

    Thanks for the vote/comment/critique ... greatly appreciated.


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    She indeed is stately and beautiful, The soft glow of the ethereal. Thanks for the lack of gore she\'s to pretty, wonderful work and poem 10.

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    Default Masterful as always...

    They are always good when I have to stop modding comments and go into CMON to have a closer look. I don\'t know who they are by until then...should have known it was one of yours though Jim:D

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    I really like the subtle tonal range in the piece, it\'s very difficult to do, and you\'ve done it wonderfully. Although at first glance it\'s not as eyecatching perhaps (and that will probably effect the voting), looking deeper you really start to see the skill.

    My only criticism I can make is the darkline around the boot on her leading foot seems too dark and a bit abrupt, but that is pretty minor.


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    It was at 8.2 when I went to look. People wouldna know subtle if it bit \'em in the ass! Gave it 10.


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    :o :o

    This is the epitamy of \"Cool Mini\" I voted and left a comment of it. 10 btw. :D

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    Broke n English


    A very majestic piece! :cool: The story and poem add loads of character to an already characterful scene ;) The subdued colouring suits the feel of the piece,I love the very pale gold which doesn\'t detract from the ethereal feel and fits perfectly with the rest of the scheme (It wouldn\'t have done if I\'d have painted it :rolleyes: ) The snow seems to have come out alright and the tree is great,truly majestic!
    (As an aside,I really loved the 13th warrior,I know it\'s cheesy but I loved it....*Antonio Banderas*.....\"I cannot carry this sword,it is too heavy\"...! *Blonde Viking*.....\"Then grow stronger!\".......I love that line,sums up their philosophy perfectly lol And have you ever tried to count the 13 warriors? Go on give it a go,it\'s impossible!! lol )
    Cheers :D

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    Default thanks

    Thanks to everyone for their kind words ... it\'s nice to know that there are some out there who can appreciate the less vibrant color schemes and that there are few who like 13th warrior too ... I agree ... it\'s a little cheesy, but quite a lot of fun.

    @Eric - yeah, I saw that when I was putting the collage together and thought about going and fixing it up, but didn\'t feel like taking the pics over again.

    Thanks again,

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    Default WOW

    its incrediable! gave it a 10! jim you are a painting god!:flip:

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    Okey. I disagree a bit. I might sound a bit harsh, it is not my intent and as you can read above, a lot of people will disagree with me.

    I like subdued colours and I like this colourscheme. But there is a lack of definition that makes the mini look flat. It looks beautiful from some distance (pic 1) with some natural shadows. But on the closer pics it doesn\'t have the same impact.

    There is some subtle highlighting on the skin that looks great, especially on the face and legs. But the lining of the skin and hair is too harsh on some places, and I\'d also choose another, colder brown colour that suits the colours better. When lining, either the line have to be very thin or there should be a small transition.. or even better, a combination of the two.

    The blending is great where it is kept subtle with the face as a prime example. But on other places it could have been smoother, like the loin-cloth. The armour and helmet has it\'s places where the blue comes on to the filigree, two clearly visible on the closeup of the head. There are also other places where it looks like the colour is where it shouldn\'t be. Like the brown lining that goes a bit on top of the boot. If this is not a trick of the photo.. be careful and work the potential of each and every colour you use.

    One trick of a subdued colourscheme is using alot of greys when shading, then the mini will have definition as well as subdued colours. Darker colours in some of the deeper shadows won\'t intervene with the thought behind either, it will only make it look more natural.

    The highlight of this piece for me is the face and the overall mood and thought behind it. The downs are the lack of definition and some mistakes(?)

    One 8 from me.

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    Avelorn - thanks for the feedback ... I agree that a couple places I got lazy w/ the lining and should\'ve cleaned them up a bit and appreciate the feedback on the color choices to use for the shadows.

    It was an intriguing problem w/ a few warm colors and everything else cold how to choose the shadow color next to the warm items (her hair and her skin). I\'m not sure what the \"proper\" thing to do is ... I\'ve never had any art training and just kinda go w/ what feels right.

    I also agree that the big pics show some flaws ... I guess in my defence I\'ll mention that those are about 3x the size of the mini ... you can\'t see them in real life, but it\'s always good to have folks showing you where you can improve.

    thanks again for the feedback,

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    It\'s allways a problem when judging pictures of miniatures.. one can never be sure how just the criticism (or praise) really is.

    Yes it\'s a whole science to decide colours.. :) One suggestion would be to mix a darker version of the midcolour.. with maybe some greys in it. Then it will never be far off. You can also line from both directions so to speak. Doing both a darker skin and hair shade. If you look at shadows IRL the colour seem to be both a darker and a tiny bit less saturated version of the original colour. to my eyes anyways.

    Your welcome.

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    Got to agree somewhat with Avelorn here. Left a comment so no point going over it again here.

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