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    I am building a diorama/display base that is going to reqire me to model some ice on water. I frankly am sumped as how to accomplish this. I was thinking some clear plastic on top of the resin with some snow built around the edges of the bank becomeing more sparse and tranclucent as it goes out.

    I need to have the majority of the water opened because I want it to be an late fall early winter scene. Has anyone else had any experience modeling anything like this or has an idea of how to go about it? Any siggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    One idea is to use a mix of pva + a bit of modelsnow or baking soda. If you don\'t think it\'s shiny enough just go over it once with W S water effect. I did that and I think it came out pretty good. (on my elven prince.. last image posted in my gallery)

    What are you doing the water from.. W S realistic water?

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    If you\'re in the US, Michael\'s carries broken bits of stained glass in various colours. They\'re shattered bits and about 2-3mm thick.

    Don\'t worry -- they\'re tumbled so that they\'re not sharp. I have a pack of light blue I was planning to use to build an icy river in a snow scene just as you described.


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    Originally posted by Avelorn

    What are you doing the water from.. W S realistic water?
    Where do you get this from, because I would like to try that on a mini?

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    paint what you want to be water on the base itselfe then then the paint dries use LOTS of high gloss... they also make stuff u just pour into the recessed area or ontop that hardens as a clear gloss.... 24 hr cure time however but gives best results... u can also mix in inks with some gloss




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