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    I have a bachelors and masters in electrical and computer engineering which means that I used to design chips ... but after you do that long enough you get to manage people who design chips and I\'m doing that for a small start-up ... I keep hoping that one day I\'ll strike it rich and be able to paint all day (instead of all night) :)


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    @ Markus

    \"Children and power tools?! Now that ought to be interesting.\"

    Had more like handtools in mind.... or teaching bigger kids carpentry skills. Smaller children and power tools would be like more in the alternative home-video genre....

    @ RedDawn

    Wish I was a housewife! ?????? ... Or something like that!:D

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    I\'m a coffee roaster...that\'s a skill and an art :)

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    Well, I\'ve been away for a while building a new computer and look at all the new people.

    I have been a sailor, an electronics tech,put up insulation, worked with sheet metal(ill advised job in a Louisiana summer) a salesman, a karaoke bar host, a cook (4 star restaurant) and a grease monkey.

    Right now I am a tech at a synchrotron ring designing and repairing water cooling systems as well as operating the ring.

    My future goal is to be a full time self employed evil genius bent on world domination, but since that doesn\'t pay the bills all that well, I only do it part time.:P

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    Figure painter...


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    Originally posted by Sturmhalo
    Figure painter...

    I think you should change that to \"Professional curmudgeon\". Or is that Finn\'s job?

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    Cardiovascular Perfusionist.

    I run the Heart Lung Machine, the one that keeps people alive and safe during Open Heart Surgery. For the most part, it could be run by a monkey. It is the rare case when a machine with triple redundancy proves that what Murphy wrote is a law, that attests to my actual value. Which means I am cheaper than Quadrupel redundancy.

    My first job was a Hybrid Corn Detassler. Let\'s see how many people know what that is.

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    Originally posted by LavronYor

    My first job was a Hybrid Corn Detassler. Let\'s see how many people know what that is.
    I grew up in the midwest ... destassling corn, walking beans, and baling hay ... all part of fun in the sun when you work on a farm.

    I\'ll let someone else see if they can answer your question about corn torture. ;)


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    Ok, I\'m boring compared to a lot of the jobs you guys do but...

    I have a BSc (Geology) and manage the geophysical data for the State Government here in Victoria. This means literally managing large quantities of spatial data as well as producing pretty pictures of it on demand.

    My manager decided this really wasn\'t enough to drive me completely insane so now I also manage web content for my division of my Government Department.

    I clocked up ten years in December ...yay, long service leave! :D Time to start seeing some more of the world!

    ...yep dull, but it pays for a lot of minis (that I may or may not ever get around to painting) lol

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    Originally posted by RedDawn
    I pretty much run our household....

    Really wanted to be in the biology field my whole life, but didn\'t want to work in a lab. Still haven\'t figured out what I want to do when I grow up.
    Looks like I\'m in the same boat with RedDawn. I even have the biology degree. But so far the biggest biological thing I\'ve done is growing another human being from a single cell all by myself. I call the final result \"daughter\". The success of this experiment is yet to be ascertained... ;) :D

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    Originally posted by reverend
    I\'m a coffee roaster...that\'s a skill and an art :)
    That\'s funny, Rev!...had you pegged more barrister than barista!lol

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    Default I\'m the owner of Microsoft...

    Nah Just kidding, I\'m a student. :wow:

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    Duende, ALL by yourself?

    What is her midi chlorian count and is she the chosen one.

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    sold lemonaide at roadside stand
    sold popcorn at roadside stand
    sold koolaid at roadside stand

    after puberty:
    picked asparagus
    watered plants at a gardening center
    delivered newspapers
    mowed lawns

    gardening helper
    movietheatre attendent
    electromechanical assembler
    short-order cook
    finish carpenter
    \"custodial engineer\"
    bicycle repairman
    erstwhile student of chemical engineering
    pipe organ builder


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    im a delivery driver for a well know home improvement store. mainly appliances. it can suck at times but it pays OK. for the most part i enjoy it.

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    Originally posted by LavronYor
    My first job was a Hybrid Corn Detassler. Let\'s see how many people know what that is.
    I know what that is!! That was my first job too.

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