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    Default Just out of Curiousity...

    We\'ve had several threads recently that have been an eye-opener of sorts as to what kind of people paint miniatures. From the depression thread (and several rants) we see that artists are sensitive, and are prone to emotional extremes (Sturm\'s mini). Then from the religion thread (Thanx Rev) we see that most of us do not follow the \"norms\" there either. We seemed to be a rather eclectic group, picking little bits of different faiths and pasting them together. Emotional and Free-spirited, sounds like a buncha hippies to me!lol

    As different as we all are, we seem very similar in our differences. Now I would like to know what everyone does for a living.

    I\'m a Carpenter, so I suppose my creativity stems from there. I actually prefer to mod/convert/sculpt my minis over painting them, so I guess that\'s the builder in me.

    Shameless Plug: I just posted some new minis, Please click on link below to vote, and PLEASE COMMENT, I need all the help I can get. :D

    ----------------------------- Mark

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    I\'m a student. I work part-time at pizza hut for some money, but that can hardly be called a living.

    What I will be doing for a living... Well... I\'m enlisting in the US Marine Corps out of High School.

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    Like the saying goes:

    Everybody\'s normal until you get to know them.

    There was another \"what do you do for a living\" thread out there, but it\'s faded into obscurity. I\'m sure the omniscient Finn can find it again for you and mention it here (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Finn!)


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    Don\'t forget the post your picture thread. There you can see the variation in looks as well. :)

    Not sure if I responded to the other thread but by training I\'m a mechanical engineer (BA mechanical engineering, MSc engineering product design). Right now I\'m looking for another job which will probably be more linked to IT. Or better, it\'s application in engineering.

    As to \"norm\", well, I suppose it also depends a bit on where you are. The result of the religion poll was pretty much as I would have expected it to be here in the Netherlands. I do agree that we are all different from \"average\" though. Overal, there aren\'t that many people with the patience, creativity and freedom of mind to do miniatures. :)

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    I do customer service for an online poker site, host karaoke as a part time job, occasionally, and pick up odd-jobs every now and then in a variety of forms, from yard work, to painting homes, to moving people. I\'m a proverbial jack of all trades, master of none.

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    My last job was with CRA aka \"the man\" as hippies would refer to it. Been unemployed for a while just fartin around living off my savings, they\'re running out so I\'m applying at a few places again and I\'m also thinking about trying to get more into painting/modelling/sculpting. If I could make a few extra bucks just to put back into the hobby I\'d be happy, for now anyway. Who knows, I might even go back to school and take computer graphics or animation or something. Only time will tell.

    <===steriotypical starving artist...almost

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    I\'m the guy who makes the tea at Spyglass Miniatures. And I want a raise.

    Steve B

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    My job Landscape/Gardener/lawnthingy and yes one old thread lies here

    What is it that you do for a living thread by ff

    But I feel sure there is an older one than this I just can not stay up any later to find it.

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    Railway Signalling Engineer, and I want a raise too!

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    Im a patternmaker,well at least when Im well enough to bloody go there.

    And I second a raise for Mr Buddle.Tea boys are the backbone of any company.:o

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    Origineel geplaatst door SJB
    I\'m the guy who makes the tea at Spyglass Miniatures. And I want a raise.
    Perhaps if you add scones or biscuits to the tea? ;)

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    I\'m in Marine Engineering, currently employed as the Chief Shipwright on a sleak grey messenger of death by Her Majesty the Queen:D

    I have always been better with my hands than my brain so I\'m happiest when working towards solving problems by getting in amongst it and doing it rather than calculating how to do it at a desk. I really hate paperwork.

    5 more years till they retire me what am I going to do? well mini painting won\'t keep me going but I think I wouldn\'t mind something in IT as I am part way through an OU Degree (note to self must pull finger out and finish that degree).

    As for religion and that sort of crap fine if you believe but please don\'t force it down others throats.

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    @Steve the teaboy

    You could always offer sexual favours to the owner of the company.:o

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    Engineering / Management Consultant.

    Great living - crap hours, doesn\'t help family life at all... hence so little time for anything else.


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    They call me an analyst programmer. I get a kick out of designing stuff that other people have to implement, though I get my hands dirty when there\'s something that sparks my interest. :D I want a raise too, but honesty compels me to admit I don\'t deserve one. lol

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    Default Interesting...

    It seems we have several engineers in our group, including the choo choo train kind.lol
    Strange, there are only a couple of creativity-oriented jobs. I guess that comes out in our minis.:cool:

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    High school student living of my parents :P
    Next year I\'m off to higher education (hopefully:P), either economics or political science.

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    Default juggler?

    I\'ve been a chef for 15 years. Within the last year and a half I\'ve cut back to part time. I\'ve started doing some personal training part time (which I love) and some freelance art (which I really love) as well.
    I\'ve been on CMoN for quite awhile, and do read the forums, but just don\'t post much. I can recall the last \"what do you do\" threads and from what I remember there are A LOT of engineers/IT people here. I don\'t know if it means anything, but at least you know you won\'t lack for intelligent conversation.... most of the time :)

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    I\'m Ned Flanders \'Stand In\'.

    Okley Dokley!

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    i\'m a radiographer and a darn good one at that!!! it beacsue of this job that i can afford this crazy hobby but i don\'t have the spare time to paint d\'oh!

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