My Bragh An Scathar, tips needed!
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Thread: My Bragh An Scathar, tips needed!

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    Default My Bragh An Scathar, tips needed!

    Hey everyone! I finished my Bragh yesterday and i\'d like some tips on how to improve my pretty bad skills.

    I am very pleased with the blade of his weapon, which was the last part i painted. I had learned very much between the first step - last step.

    If you have extra time, feel free to vote/comment on him, i appreciate your time.

    So, heres the link:

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    The most obvious thing is that your picture is pretty bad. It\'s rather hard to give advice if I can\'t make out the details ;) the fucos is obviously on the blade, try getting a better photo and your score will increase.
    What I can see though is that he is undead, and I base that on the fact that he has completely white eyes ;) It\'s not too hard to paint eyes, and if you can paint a blade like that, you will be able to paint eyes. By the way, I like the blade, especially the gold ornament.

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    I would agree with Mosch that the blade is well done, and certainly the best part of the mini.

    Highlighting, in my experience (which is minimal :)), can be very difficult. Shading is a bit easier at least for me. The skull on the topknot could be easily shaded with a dark brown or black to give it more contrast. Some people wash the whole area and then repaint the highlights, or you can just try and paint the individual recesses. I think the hands and feet would benefit from a similar treatment.

    Another thing to bring contrast to the mini would be \"blacklining\", a technique in which the areas between colors is contrasted with a very dark color to help them stand out. I prefer VMC Camo black-brown for this. On this mini I think the elbow on the right arm and the leather bands across the chest would be good places to apply blacklining.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks Mosch and Jabberwocky! I appreciate your tips. Its great to hear what people think would need more attention. I wont be fixing Bragh anymore, as i have bad experiences of afterwards fixing. I surely will improve on the aspects you both mentioned in my next mini, which is highly converted Chaos Marine. I go for a \"cyril look\" on it.

    What comes to the black lining, it doesnt seem like my thing. The lines end up being way too thick and glumsy looking.

    I went for the eyes from wrong direction as i painted them after the skin.

    Thanks again for your time!


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    Well, since the mini is nearly all flesh, I think you\'d need to focus more on that. It looks very smooth and nice, but lacks the shading. What I like to do is to lay down a basecoat of some brown color(IF you\'re using black primer, if It\'s white it\'s ok do begin with the flesh color) so I get better coverage with the flesh color. Then I lay down some dwarf flesh and make it cover everything, then I shade with some flesh wash mixed in with dwarf flesh or just plain flesh wash, I add some water and/or flow improver to make sure it doesn\'t blotch and don\'t apply too much. Then I rehighlight with the base color and start adding some elf flesh in it and gradually highlight and use skull white before the color becomes to much like elf flesh(it\'s a bit yellow and I don\'t like dwarf flesh highlighted with only elf flesh)
    Just make sure everything is neat and smooth and it should look good.
    Also watch out to always shade between fingers and toes !

    Just wrote this down to see if it was of any help :rolleyes: Oughta help with getting better contrast the skin.
    Keep it up and good luck with the next mini.

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    Broke n English

    Default Hi...

    ...nice figure,been and voted and all that! I also think you\'d benefit from a little darklining.....just keep it really thin like your ink or colour washes and as it\'s a darker tone it shouldn\'t lose too much clarity when applied.On this mini I\'d say just a little in between the fingers and toes....I know what you mean about fixing things when they\'re done though....I always leave it till next time too to avoid that I told you so moment,it\'s bad enough from someone else but when you have to say it to yourself :rolleyes: lol Darklining is cool though....I obsessively line everything and it can be pleasing when you start working in different tones for different looks/effects....I do seem to line nearly evrything with GW scorched brown though....I\'m an addict! :rolleyes: ;)

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    Thanks for your kind answer Broke n English. Nice to hear what you think about him, i\'ll be starting on my next work when i get over with these exams i have. Champion of Chaos Undivided or converted CSM. I think the picture quality hurt his grades because i find the paintjob a bit better than the previous. Thanks again guys!

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