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    Default Rag\'Narok Preview

    Serg Simon at Rackscan has been kind enough to post actual pages from the rule book, if you are interested.

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    Yup, they look terrific, even though the text cannot be read...:~(

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    \"Le Mid-nor? What the Heck can that mean?!\" :P

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    More previews here:


    I think the handbook pages are the same, but the cards are not. The \"tactics\" cards must be from Rag\'Narok, I heven\'t seen them anywhere else.

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    Bonza job on the coverage! Only problem is that the army pics are kinda blurry.. My only question is if they\'ve got those cards out, how come there\'s no model for some of them? They\'ve ben doing this in the Travelogue packs for a while now.

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    You know how it goes. An illustration is a lot less expensive than a full on sculpt.:rolleyes:

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    Well, Chrispy: those cards (I take you mean the ones with a brownish background colour and an illustration on them) are intended to be used for Shadows.

    If you recall the Incarnation rules, the last battle of an Adventure (in the Adventure mode) always pits the Adventurer against his/her Shadow, which basically is THE foe of the Adventurer. With these cards, all you have to do when creating the Shadow of the Adventurer is pick up one with the correct points cost (the Adventurer+50%, IIRC). The card already includes all the game stats, and the Shadow simply receives the chosen Elixir for free.

    This way you have an instant playable Shadow, regardless of the actual model you use to represent it. That\'s my take on the cards.

    Of course, you can go ahead and convert existing models to represent a card Shadow... and one never knows if Rackham will release them or not!:rolleyes:

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    Default Last news!!!

    By the way, Ravage #15 gives the Rag\'Narok release date as February 15th... I think we\'ll soon see...:D

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    Aww, I understand now.
    2 more days!! Sheesh, hurry up and get printed so\'s we Americans can get the english version!! :P

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    I may buy the French one.

    I need the practice. ;)

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    Default Rag\'Narok Not Out Yet!

    OK, from the Conf\'federation du Dragon Rouge site, and according to French magazine Backstab, the release date has gone to \"the end of March\".

    And our French friends have been like this for 5 years!

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