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    I\'ve recently finished another green. A commison this time for Julie (death Angel) which at this very moment should be on it\'s way to her. I made it by her specifications though I was given some free reign too, which is always nice. Here she is in case you want to vote:

    Julie, elfen girl

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    Oh.. very nice! The posing is excellent and gives a dynamical feel to it, even though she\'s sitting down. The only thing I\'m not sure of is her nose.. it looks slightly pointed to the right on the first view! great job

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    I dont get it.....I just dont get it. How do you work so SMALL and get it so good? Nice piece.

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    everything looks very nice, the nose looks fine to me, however the one thing i can pick on is the left eye, it looks a bit lower than the right one, might just be me though and thats being really picky.

    I especially like the hair, front and back view and would really like to see a painted version of her.

    thanks, Joe

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    As I\'ve said before, she is a stunner. There is nothing about her I don\'t adore, thank you so much for making her for me Cindy. I can\'t wait to have her here so I can paint her!

    Totally awesome!:flip:

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    Cindy you know how I feel about this one, and of course your work in general. I do hate you however for tempting me minis I\'ll never ever have a chance to paint! Temptress!! :D

    Keep this up and I\'ll have to hire you full time, so I don\'t miss out!

    don\'t ever stop, promise me :)

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    Cindy, fantastic stuff :bouncy:

    I\'ve commented and voted. Since I\'m not really into sculpting, I can\'t really give you input on that aspect. The only comment maybe is that she doesn\'t look very elfish to me.

    Anyway from a painter\'s point of view I\'d really like to paint up this beauty :)

    When is some of your stuff going to be cast?? :flame:


    Great work,


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    Originally posted by Corvus

    When is some of your stuff going to be cast?? :flame:
    Mabel the child witch\'s casts should be back with me in a week or 2-3 if post doesn\'t screw up.
    Ben and Esther have been send to the caster, post did screw up there and the greens came back.. so I think Ming-Hua resend them today... let\'s hope this time they will arrive. Still a while before I have them back in my hands then though. Have to wait for the caster and the snail like post.

    And there is always Eastern front and sacred blade to get some of my figs I did for them.

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    Great one, would love to get my brush on her :innocent:
    But I do have to say she dosn\'t look very elf like (then again I\'v never seen an elf :P), and her left hand looks a bit flat on the pic.

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    I agree with you she doesn\'t scream elf.. in real life it\'s a tad more obvious. The thing that makes elves most reconisable, the ears, have fallen away a bit on the picture.

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    It\'s a lovely sculpt! She\'s got a very natural looking pose and the hair is just beautiful. Actually the hair is the best part of the sculpt IMO. Hate the fact that I\'ll never be able to paint one... :~(

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    Default Beautiful!

    you are a wonderful artist! I cant wait to see how much you will grow as a company!

    this mini is gorgous...and like the rest...i wish i could dab some paint on her!lol

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    Very beautiful sculpt, I love the pose. It\'s nice to see a figure that isn\'t in a fighting stance. I think it is the fullness of her face that takes from her \"elfness\", not the ears. Most sculpters give their elves very narrow, pointy heads. Doesn\'t mean yours is wrong, since no one knows what an elf really looks like. ;)

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    Lovely work Cindy, and as soon as I get home, I\'ve got a PM or e-mail coming your direction.


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    Broke n English


    Wonderful....been and voted,love the pose! :D :cool:

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    Very Nice sculpt Cindy. I will echo the common complaint and that is that I want one too. :D Well done.

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