Ultra Forge’s first production miniature on sale May 15th
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Thread: Ultra Forge’s first production miniature on sale May 15th

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    Default Ultra Forge’s first production miniature on sale May 15th

    Hi there Coolminipeople.

    After painting my first display miniature, I wanted to announce the first miniature series that I will be selling online.

    My little online store Ultra Forge, http://stores.ebay.ca/ULTRA-FORGE ,will be updated with this new item by May 15th.

    With that, I am proud to announce the arrival of… The Lord of Pestilence!

    To look at and vote on the green, please click here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/88114

    To look at and vote of the painted mini, please click here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/88635

    This is the first of a set of three in the Pestilence series. Soon to come will be the Patriarch of Pestilence, and the Demon of Pestilence. Each miniature is sold separately.

    The miniatures for sale are 1st generation resin cast copies of the original green. Theses castings were done in a limited run, so supplies are limited. That is why I am announcing the sales date a week early.

    If you have any questions or comments, please post them here. I will be checking back to answer any questions you may have about this miniature. I will also be glad to discuss the sculpting and painting process as well, if you are interested.

    Ultra Forge is really just my own resin-castings from my own scratch-built miniatures. It is a one-person business that is aimed at providing excellent quality limited edition miniatures at a very fair price.

    As for me, I will be busy getting the miniatures ready to ship. I will also be working on the next miniature to be cast. Perhaps I will post a few teaser pics on this thread mid-week. I will also be trying to get some studying done!

    Thanks so much for checking out, and voting on my miniatures. Make sure to check out Ultra Forge when it is updated next weekend, with the pricing and more details on this miniature. That website is http://stores.ebay.ca/ULTRA-FORGE

    Thanks again, and take care.


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    Default Perhaps you should PM borg?

    He runs this site along with Chern Ann and manages the CMON shop.

    Perhaps you could sell your stuff through there as well if you wanted???

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    That sounds like an excellent idea. I am very new to this site, and I am glad to find people are so helpful here. Thanks so much finn17. :)

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    Default Glad to be of service...

    Your work is excellent and clearly needs to reach as wide a market as possible;)

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    really nice work, your sculpting and painting technique are both very advanced, the sky is the limit for you, and I am going to enjoy watching you progress and grow even more. If you keep posting more work for us that is! So you better do it :D

    Glad you found this place and decided to start posting (your minis and here in the forums) :)


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    Wow EricJ. Thanks for the kind words. It means alot coming from such an accomplished artist as yourself. Thanks for the welcome.

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    Looked at your shop before, Sophia, was discerned to find the cupboard bare...good the goodies will soon be in stock!

    Looking forward to that mini!:D

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    I feel a little bit naked mentioning my miniature, and then having no items in my shop inventory.

    As you mentioned, marineboy, it will be full soon enough. May 15th to be exact. Thanks for the interest :)

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    I noticed your shop was a little naked too, but I have faith!! I\'ll keep my eye out on the 15th for that to change :)

    so what else is coming down the line for you? *peeks at your workspace* :innocent:

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    No reason to feel naked, Sophia..looking forward to the mini...:D

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    Originally posted by EricJ
    so what else is coming down the line for you? *peeks at your workspace*
    It\'s funny you should ask. I am right now taking a break from sculpting a bit of the belly and chest of the upcoming Demon of Pestilence. He is quite a nasty maggot-like character, and is currently the largest miniature I have in production.

    I also have about 90 percent of the Patriarch of Pestilence completed. He is quite a tedious fellow, and is the first winged and flying miniature in my range.

    I will post a few teaser pics of these miniatures mid-week. Thanks so much for the interest. I am curious about your future projects as well, and I cant wait to see what your next one will be.

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    What are the expected cost of the minis?

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    Even though Ultra Forge miniatures are rare and original, they will be priced very fairly. One might be tempted to charge ridiculous amounts just because of the rarity of the item. I strive to do the exact opposite, by providing my unique miniatures for less money then you might expect to pay.

    Having said that, I will know the exact cost when I post the miniatures up next weekend. Thanks for the interest TAB.

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    you\'re one of those very rare talented people that both master sculpting and painting.

    Good luck with the shop!

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    Thanks so much Corvus. Pendragon Studios is absolutely excellent, and your compliment means a lot. Thanks again.

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    After seeing the green I was concerned at the difficulty level of painting him but you have also done a fine job with that.
    These ones are not to my personal taste,though I will certainly keep an eye on future releases.

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    I love the the Lord of Pestilence I soooooo want to paint one of those up. Could you PM me Sophia when it is available. Fantastic sculpt.

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    Originally posted by Sophia
    Thanks so much Corvus. Pendragon Studios is absolutely excellent, and your compliment means a lot. Thanks again.
    No problem :)

    Could you maybe tell us what you\'re working on ATM, what we can expect in the future from UltraForge? I really would like to paint up some of your minis, but I\'m not a real Nurgle fan so :D

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    After the three Pestilence miniatures, I will be working on either the Wrath series, or the Lust series.

    Each series will have a Lord, Patriarch and Demon, so I have got my work cut out for me.

    I have the beginnings of each of these future miniatures underway, including concept art and armatures, so expect a new miniature about every three weeks to a month. If all goes well, I will produce as many as time permits.

    I am still quite busy with my school as well, and I do not get to work on my minis as often as I would like. Selling a few of them could really help out with student loans and bills. Perhaps I will find more time as the income I make with my miniatures becomes more stable. Let\'s hope anyways. :)

    Thanks so much for the interest.

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