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    @Wolf Fang......go for it.The colour scheme choice ones you did looked great and Im assuming they were just knocked up.

    I will follow every class myself and hope to join in as many as possible.

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    Default I\'m sorry....I think I missed something...

    I\'ve still gotta correct my mini from Klute\'s class, and a new semester has already started :(

    Who are the profs now?

    WolfFang? great *hides* :D

    *gives a cookie to WolfFang*

    I wish I could sculpt. I am actually working on a major uhm..sculpting project right now. I will be taking some WIP shots soon. Problem is, need to get friend to bring over one of the components, and see how we can fit it, so that the wires can go inside the body once I sculpt it :P (assuming it turns out at all)


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    the 1s i used for u guys to vote on were just knockups....

    current genestealer (80% finished) is current scheme... unfrotunatly it wont become much better due to the paint scheme but hey... il\'l still do the tutorial if guys want.... i can start it now but itl\'l be half done so il\'l do it when i start new ones

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    good news - i finally got info on package with pythia and i should get the mini soon.
    from my point of view there`s one good thing behind this delay - now i don`t have an excuse to leave books which i should read for the exams with a fine layer of dust on them lol .

    i`d definitely participate in sculpting class if anyone picks the challenge.


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    I will follow this class with huge interest despite the fact I can\'t participate. This will be very interesting.. and please sum it up in an article when you\'re finished! :)

    I must say this got to have been one of the better initiatives in cmon forum history.. :D Just my opinion. Loved Klutes class

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    Great stuff,Im following along if not directly.Ive a lot on at the present.

    @Avalorn.....cheers,it is a finer point isnt it.I will have the article done as soon as I get some commissions done,its half written already.

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    well just finished some genestealers in the way im gonna do the tutorial... unfortunatly the guy i painted DE for never showed on the schedualed day he was sposed to pic them up so i still have no money but when i get some more bugs i will start it up!

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    If I time(and money LOL) when it\'s time to do the step by step. I\'ll join.

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    dont worry u got lots of time to get the money lol

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