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Thread: Painting Class.....Skin up with Klute

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    Not yet Mark, cleaning and priming tonight, hope to get pics up as well. I\'m also going to drag RedDawn into this class, kicking and screaming if I have to.... ;)


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    Default have patience

    Some folks are across the ocean you know ;)

    Anyway, I had to do a bit more cleaning on my already primed barbarian and had to hit him with another splash of primer after.

    The barbarian I have had for about 17 years primed and waiting for me to learn to do skin.

    Oh yeah, did I mention I decided to try doing 2?

    The woman I decided to go ahead and paint. She was a prize from the Chick Challenge and I had a conversion in mind, but decided the skin class was more important since it wasn\'t that clever a conversion anyway.
    So here they are:

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    Dammit dammit dammit I hope I\'m not late to Mr. Klute\'s class!
    *opens door and sees the eagerly witing pupils sitting there, just getting out their primed miniatures*
    I\'ll use this one, mister teacher:

    Hope it\'s OK.

    Thanks again for your effort, Klute ;)

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    Default Alright!

    I even converted her!



    from creepy nekkid lady to hawt druid!:bouncy:

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    Default i agree...

    IPM..yeah, she was very creepy before, now she is just a little creepy.

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    Default whoops

    looks like i missed a mould line on her arm...I\'ll fix it by saturday!

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    With luck, and little spare time I\'ll be able to climb in on the bandwagon. A quick and hasty pic then - it\'s GW\'s Morathi with a new head, new left arm on an elven steed, and has been sitting around for over a year. She\'s quite tiny, has she enough flesh, Klute?

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    WAIT! Here I am teach. I overslept...the bus was late...I dropped the mini after I primered her...the dog bit off one of her arms...I drilled a hole in her foot getting her on the base...

    <Ahem> I\'m not late? Whew. Just ignore the above ramblings then. I may need those excuses for later! :D

    Here is Rowena the Barbarian Shaman.

    EDIT: Resized the mini

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    \"Some folks are across the ocean you know\"

    Firmly understood,it was more of a thread bump really.

    @Vince......2 nice figures,I prefer to prime until I get a solid coat.
    As Ive been saying I dont really want to set out any solid rules.If you like a fine primer then fine,if you want to do zenithal thats fine.
    Just remember that differing from what I do will undoubtedly effect the outcome compared to mine.No big deal I say.
    @Becca.....nice conversion and yes get that mold line sorted,that will definitely piuck up the light.
    @Mosch...make sure those silver parts are covered.
    @Modderrhu...good choice.
    @Jabberwocky.....thats a good figure too.If you want good direct feedback make sure the pic is bigger and closer.

    Another thing I should probably say is the figure I have done has come out very light skinned.
    Hopefully as we go along I can give advice on different tones of skin for barbarians etc.
    Also Ive decided to post an image of her as she is now just to show where we are heading.

    As I said she is very fair skinned.You will find out the technique I use involves about a million very thin glazes:-)
    This means as long as you start with the right basecoat you can stop glazing when you reach the right tone that suits the figure you are doing.

    As for timing I said saturday night for the next step.
    Now to keep things simple (mostly for me) I will post it after 8pm GMT.
    Theres no set rule you have to be in class by then but of course it would help.Just keep posting youyr images,make them big and clear so I can see the detail enough (no shopping them either) :D

    Right,catch you later......and please,no more thank yous,its honestly not needed.

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    Originally posted by Klute@Vince......2 nice figures,I prefer to prime until I get a solid coat.
    As Ive been saying I dont really want to set out any solid rules.If you like a fine primer then fine,if you want to do zenithal thats fine.
    I guess I need some clarification here.
    What exactly do you mean by a \"solid coat?\"
    Priming is actually one of my big foggy zones.
    I usually spray lightly and if a bit of the metal shows I\'m okay with that. My big fear is overdoing the primer and filling in detail. For example, on the woman I went heavier than I usually do, and I could see the primer pooling in her cleavage (both front and back) and in the hair on top of her head. Of course, when it dried it didn\'t seem as severe. Is this something I shouldn\'t worry so much about? I think she has what I\'d call a solid coat.
    I also notice that when I do the primer coat thick, I have less graininess to the surface because the wet primer kind of runs together more, but I also don\'t want wet primer actually running and drying that way.

    As to zenithal, I wasn\'t actually going for that. As I said before, the barbarian was primed previously, but this was done easily 15 years ago, before I knew anything. Digging him out of his box I discovered I had never really properly prepped him, so I had to file his head, shoulders and thigh a bit. Naturally I had to reprime those bits. He was previously primed gray but I don\'t have any gray primer at the moment so I hit those areas (which all happened to be on top) with a layer of white primer.
    That\'s why I asked before if I ought to strip the old primer. I think I\'ll just go with him as is and see how he turns out.

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    @Vince.......yeh thats a problem we will just have to do our best with.People are going to have different paints,brushes etc.

    What I mean by a solid coat is all flat colour with no previous colour showing through.
    On primer that would be no metal/plastic showing.
    Now when priming it is not essential to cover fully as you are only applying a coat for the less sticky paint to adhere too.
    It is best in my eyes though for the painter to get a solid colour to get the best result after.

    I use skull white spray GW......The first one I did went a bit runny etc and pooled but I have learned to apply it in very short light bursts always moving across the figure.Never point at the figure and spray as this will lead to blotches etc.
    Just keep giving very light dustings and build up the colour that way until its solid.
    There are always little hidden spots that need going over with the brush but these are probably well hidden from the eye.

    Hope that helps.

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    I just primed my figure and I will try to get pictures of her up tonight. Again thanks for doing this. Should be fun.

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    Default Bump!

    Hey folks....

    In case any of you are as thick as I am and never noticed....

    There is a \'printer friendly\' button at the top of this page.....might be useful?

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    Originally posted by KluteNever point at the figure and spray as this will lead to blotches etc.
    I\'ve heard this advice before, but never understood it. (maybe I\'m as thick as my paint ;) )
    If I don\'t point it at the mini how will it get primed???
    Should I be spraying above the mini and letting it drop onto it? or into the air beside the mini so the wind will carry it onto the mini?

    Very basic I know, but I said priming is a foggy area for me.

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    Originally posted by vincegamer
    I\'ve heard this advice before, but never understood it. (maybe I\'m as thick as my paint ;) )
    If I don\'t point it at the mini how will it get primed???
    I think he means you don\'t start spraying directly at the mini. Start spraying to the side then run it over the mini a few times quickly, and let dry. Then change whatever angle your mini is sitting in, and do it again to get any spots you missed.

    I hope this helps!

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    Vince.....its sometimes the most basic of things that hinder us most.

    What I learned is that when you first press to spray the atomiser doesn\'t work true until it unclogs itself,we are talking micro seconds but try it on some white paper and you will likely see bigger droplets from when you fisrt started.

    Its best to use a spray booth but what I do is hold the figure in my hand in front of me and point the spray to the left of it.Start spraying and move the spray across from left to right and stop the spray away from the figure to the right.
    Repeat from right to left.
    Turn the figure and repeat
    Keep turning and spraying until the figure is covered to your satisfaction.You may have to spray down on it and up to to get a good cover.

    Remember short quick bursts.

    Scrubb hands.:D

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    @Finn Thank you pointing that printer friendly button out. I never noticed it before and it does make it easier.

    I will post my pic tonight; just got her primed and waiting for pictures to be taken.

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    EDIT this pic is to show how I prime my figures with spray.It is not a basecoating step.

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    Thank you for the explanation and the excelent visual aid!

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    Default Oi!

    I thought you said Saturday???

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