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Thread: Easy, Effective Blending Technique

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    Default Easy, Effective Blending Technique

    I have been using a blending technique that is relatively easy for painters at all experience levels that provides a great deal of control. (In my gallery, the Gauth Dragon and the Spiked Felldrake are two good examples)

    My only concern is that the technique is not a standard \"Painting\" technique and it might be considered \"Cheating\" by more experienced painters. The technique involves the use of pastel chalks.

    Since this technique is easy to control and very effective, I thought, if you folks would like, that I could do an article explaining it.

    Let me know what you think.


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    go for it id love to see it!

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    Default Do it!

    In my humble opinion, any addition to the craft is most welcome!


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    please do, i would very much be interested anything that makes like easier cant be a bad thing!

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    Yeah taht would be great :)
    In my opinion there is no such thing as cheating in mini painting, the end result is all that matters, how you get there is up to you. :)

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    I think that anything that is there to help people improve has got to be a good thing so go for it.

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    I don\'t think there\'s such a thing as cheating in the mini painting hobby :)

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    I\'d love to know about your technique! The blending looks really smooth and as the others have already said, it\'s the result that matters!

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    John, I have read about this technique and also am very interested in learning exactly what is done. An article would be super. Maybe we could talk you into anothr idea. It would be of great benefit if you would teach a class here, provided you have time and nerves (as in not pulling your hair out) to do it, so we could do one figure along with you. You could teach the method step by step for those of us who learn by example. Klute is teaching one now (see Skin Up with Klute thread). You might scoot over to the Forum, step by step.... thread and line your class up with those so I won\'t be painting 3 minis at one time for 3 different people. :) I know a lot of people would sign up.

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    Broke n English

    Default Chalks...

    ....chalks!?!? Let\'s hear it man!! lol Any new techniques would be great to her about,Kaengol on here uses watercolours to good effect! I\'m up for learning ;)

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    One of the owners of my LGS use pastel chalks for certain things (mainly on larger scale miniatures) and it looks great, so please, do the article John! :D

    I was accused of cheating in Klute\'s class when the mini I\'m doing only hade one visible eye. So, apparently you can cheat... :P

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    Buying someone else\'s mini and passing it off as your own is cheating. Using Photoshop instead of paint to create your mini is cheating. Just about anything else is fair game :D I\'d love to see an article on it.

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    Default This is definately cheating...

    1. He said it is simple and effective.
    2. It looks and rates much higher than anything I could do with a brush.
    3. I forgot what 3 was.
    4. Really, I stopped at two.
    5. Why the hell are you still reading this?

    Kidding of course. New techniques should always be encouraged, especially ones with such great results. DO IT!

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    Sounds interesting to me.

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    Originally posted by jahecker
    My only concern is that the technique is not a standard \"Painting\" technique and it might be considered \"Cheating\" by more experienced painters. The technique involves the use of pastel chalks.
    That\'s like saying Jackson Pollack wasn\'t really painting when he urinated into his pigments and on his canvas!

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    It looks like the \"Ayes\" have it. I will start formulating the text and doing the suporting photography. It may take a bit as I will actually do a mini or two using the technique for the photos.

    @ Anatora...

    How does one do a \"class\" here on CMON?

    What I do is to teach computer software classes in person. The thought of doing a class here is interesting.

    In any event, I\'m off, (you may have guessed that already).

    Watch this thread, I\'ll let everyone know when the article is ready.




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    John, I follow the two threads I mentioned to you. Klute\'s \"class\" is very challenging, even though the content is suppose to be elementary to painters with some experience. However, from our results, you would think most of us don\'t know one end of the paint brush from another. He is proving to be a very patient teacher. As I said, read the thread \"Forum, Step by step\" and post your proposal to these guys. I have been reading this thread with great interest, deciphering how the great minds work. They are a nice bunch of people. You should fit right in.

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    Originally posted by Broke n EnglishKaengol on here uses watercolours to good effect! I\'m up for learning ;)
    Watercolours on a mini? I\'m intriuged. Would you care to post links to a couple examples?

    As for the chalk-blending tutorial, I\'m interested to see how it works if you\'re willing to explain it, John. :)

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    Nope, definately not cheating. If it is what I think it is, it\'s been used in the scale model world for a long time. The use of pastels, ground down into a dust, pushed into crevices and then blended out onto the main body of the part using a dry brush is a good quick easy way to shade/blend. The only thing you have to remember is to varnish the model else it slowly - then again i could be completely off target with what your planning to write about.

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