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    Default Good Service, Part Deux

    I recently ordered the spiffingly beautiful resin \'Slayer\' model from Privateer Press:

    It arrived today and words can\'t explain the quality of this model. The castings are simply the best resin castings I have ever seen. It is so well finished it is advertised as pre-primered! How about that? No mould lines, no clean up etc.

    A revelation to anyone who have ever constructed a $300 Forge World Baneblade:flame:

    The bad news: despite the fact that it came packaged like a Faberge egg, when I checked the pieces I found that I had been sent two left arms. Hmmm...

    I emailed the enchanting young lady who had sent me my order confirmation in the first place, in the hope that she might be able to put me in touch with a \'Quality Control\' or \'Customer Service\' robot who would contact me n due course etc.....and guess what? Within two, yes two!!, minutes I was emailed back, by the very same enchanting young lady, and informed that a replacement would be sent out to me the very next day.

    Now that is what I call service:D

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    Hehe...good timing too. If there offices are around here, it\'s still afternoon, which helps a lot. :D

    Not to detract from their customer service. Timely responses is always wonderful. Timely action is even more so.

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    It\'s always refreshing to hear stories of GOOD customer service :) Now, as long as they don\'t send you a replacement LEFT arm... lol

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    Nice to hear that someone cares about their customers. I might just have to order some Warmachine minis direct to test their customer service out...

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    Originally posted by finn17
    I emailed the enchanting young lady ......
    enchanting young lady

    Now that is what I call service:D
    Seems that she also add her pictures to the mails... ;)

    Just kidding. :bouncy:

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    Originally posted by DragonPaint
    Originally posted by finn17
    I emailed the enchanting young lady ......
    enchanting young lady

    Now that is what I call service:D
    Seems that she also add her pictures to the mails... ;)

    Just kidding. :bouncy:
    Service with a smile...and wearing very little else.

    *cue music*

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    Default Now, now..

    I simply meant, I received quick, courteous and helpful emails form someone who obviously knew and cared about the product.

    There are very few companies that provide this level of service and it\'s always a good idea IMO to let others know when you stumble across them;)

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    Default An update...

    No one could believe the difficulties involved in resolving this problem...

    Through no fault of Privateer Press or myself however, this issue has continued until today, when I finally received the final piece to complete my purchase.

    Throughout the whole time, Privateer Press, through their representative, Nicole, have kept me informed and been a model of how to deal with situations when they go (drastically) wrong.

    Any company can met the standard when things go right, but I would like to commend Privateer Press as a company who really put themselves out and persevere when things go a little \'pear shaped\'.

    As all my dealings have been through their representative, Nicole, she should take all the credit for resolving the situation and putting up with my general crabbiness.

    Thank you Privateer Press and thank you, Nicole:D

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    Yay! Glad to hear things got resolved. After seeing the size of their operation in person, I\'m actually quite impressed that they do as much as they do. :D

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    Default Well, I have no \'axe to grind\'..

    Neither do I I want to praise anyone up other than through personal experience.

    To be fair, I am getting more and more impressed with the Warmachine range, which is why I chose to buy their resin models...

    I bought the first two (Khador range) and started a thread about them. They are simply the best resin models I have ever bought. And I have bought a lot!!!

    I had a simple problem with the next two I bought. One of them was perfect. One of them had two right arms, instead of one of each. Problems with customs, language etc caused no end of difficulties in trying to resolve this situation, but PP never stopped trying to overcome the difficulties and now things are okay and I am a bigger fan than ever.

    Just to prove they are not paying my wages however..whilst their resin models are definitely amongst the best I have ever seen, there is one flaw which really needs addressing. Ironically, I feel that is because they are trying so hard...

    Their resins come \'pre-primed\'...Think about that for a minute.......


    No flash, no preparation, no dremel...???

    Well it\'s all true! These models really need no prep but, the pre-prime step is really a claim too far.

    Let\'s put this in perspective first of all...These are resin kits that, (in my experience), have no flash, no mould lines, no huge great lumps that need chopping off with a chain saw (Are you listening Forge World?) and that even claim to be pre-primed!!!

    Well, it is all true apart from the primer. Hell, I don\'t want my model to be pre-primed! How do they know which colour I prefer??? What about zenithal priming etc???

    The most important thing is, however,...the primer they use doesn\'t stick!! Or at least they don\'t do a good job of washing away the mould release agent...Same thing really. Don\'t trust it! Two of the models I have bought have had primer lift away in sheets from certain areas...Not problem...unless you have started to paint the damn thing:duh:

    So..great/fantastic models..superb customer service...gone one stage too far with the presentation however...beautiful finish, but the \'primer\' is a liability rather than an asset.

    Good grief, that almost counts as a review...:D

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    I\'ve never attempted a resin model, but your \'review\' has definately made me consider a Slayer in the near future. ;)

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    Default Go for it Mr Tay!

    Compared to Forgeworld etc. their prices are fanbloodytastic! Apart from my little hiccup and the point about the primer, the quality is the best I have ever sen in a resin model.

    Apart from the slayer above there is also:



    Good eh?;)

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    Good old resin.

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    Default Yeah....

    Originally posted by Sturmhalo
    Good old resin.
    But don\'t even go there without an airbrush...:D

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    Use a brush dick-fingers!!


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    Finn\'s more of a collector...

    He has brushes, and an airbrush or two, all in MINT condition.

    He plans on selling all of them on E-bay 50 years from now...

    E-bay auction #7,657,382,934 -

    Pristine miniature painting equipment, circa 2005, \"Still-in-the-box!\"


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    Yeah...I like the two female character resins quite a bit, and may look into getting them sometime. Wish I could get a discount on \'em or something, but I highly doubt it. Unless my friend happens to have them lying around and doesn\'t want them...hey, I can hope, right? ;)

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    Privateer Press can do no wrong. Amazing stuff.

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    Website says the first one is 3\"/76mm, and the second is 3.5\"/89mm.

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