How many WIPs do you have at any one time?
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Thread: How many WIPs do you have at any one time?

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    Default How many WIPs do you have at any one time?

    I\'m wondering how you guys out there prefer to work. How many WIPS do you have on the go at any one time?

    I generally like to stick with just one mini at a time, and see it through to completion before beginning the next. (Could be why my collection is so small! :rolleyes:) However the downside to this is that looking at the same mini for ages can get stale after a while, and it\'s not long before I start thinking about the next project. This has led to a couple of rush jobs, and ultimately disappointments. I don\'t get to paint that often, and being the prefectionist I am it\'s normal for me to take 2 months to complete 1 mini - you can see how boredom creeps in.
    Add to that the bad painting days and it\'s all i can do to not stick the damn lump of metal on a stick of dynamite and light it! :flame:
    That\'s when I get a major case of \'Imasosickathisitis\'

    I\'m thinking of having a few side by side so I can switch, but on the other hand I know that\'ll probably drive me crazy as I hate starting stuff and not finishing it! As this hobby is all about patience, sometimes I get ahead of myself and have the wrong focus on the finishing line rather than on the painting!

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    There was a thread on this a month and a half ago. Here\'s the link: Thread

    I myself have about ten or so WIP going right now. I get motivated start something, and then get painters block and start on something else.

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    Are we counting minis that have been \"WIP\" for like, ever? :D

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    Default more than 100, less than 1000!!

    Its getting a bit ridiculous....These are just the ones that are in my \'painting room\'. I\'ve more in the closets.

    Somebody help me...:(

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    I have six active sculpts on the go at the moment, ranging from finished to fully done minus a few tweaks. ( just posted one on the wip thread )

    being able to put a figure down if another more urgent one comes along is one of the advantages of fimo:D

    *EDIT* oops that should be seven :bouncy:

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    Default Sure!!

    Originally posted by supervike
    Somebody help me...:(
    Just send them to me. All your troubles will be over:D

    At Captain: Very nice. This is the \'Anti BME\' technique I am presuming....???

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    Originally posted by finn17

    At Captain: Very nice. This is the \'Anti BME\' technique I am presuming....???
    only if you consider what bme does to be sculpting in the first place :D

    \"this week I shall post pictures of a toilet dragon\".......bless him :rolleyes:

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    Based on Supervike\'s pics....
    ME4\'s exchange list could look something like this....

    ..... etc.

    And even if none of us sent any back to him, he\'d still have lots left to remain as WIP\'s....

    Jeez, man... and I thought *I* had a lot
    on the go... you know, when I\'m painting regularly.
    Right now, I\'ve only got 5 on the go.

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    Default Uuuummm.....

    I think I could give Vike a run for his money. Over 100 hundred CURRENT WIPS, with about 200-300 Non-current that are primed or more, and another 2000+ that have never even been started. I have less then 100 complete. I like to mod/convert all my stuff in some small way, and after I get done with the mod I get bored with it and move on to the next. It\'s a sad vicious cycle, and I\'m a sad little man. :(

    (Not really so little) ;)

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    Dont get me started with W.I.P\'s,

    How many, thousands i think ?????????

    i seriously have lost count since i\'ve started packing projects away for space, but i\'d say about 15 projects at the moment are in production.

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    Hmm far more than I care to count. But not nearly as many as Supervike or MarkusTay. :D

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    I suspect, like so many others here, I have way tooooooooo many to admit to.;)

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    I have a cupboard full, that is the secret you see just shut them away so you can\'t see them and you don\'t feel half as bad when you start another :D

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    Not counting the various things sat around covered in undercoat, I usually only have two things on at the same time. One is usually work, the other something I\'m doing for myself (which means it sits there half painted for weeks, if not months!).

    Never seen the point in starting loads of figures and having them clutter the place up. Too many half started projects always frustrate me. I like to get things done before I start buggering about with new stuff.

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    70 or 80, and that\'s just the ones started in the last year or so....:(:innocent:

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    6 at the moment...

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    Two - and thats one more than usual. Only started the second cos I mislaid (i.e. lost under the crap) the first one!


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    Another relevant question would many minis have you started that haven\'t become permanent WIPs?:rolleyes:lol

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    Originally posted by marineboy
    Another relevant question would many minis have you started that haven\'t become permanent WIPs?:rolleyes:lol
    Much better! Apart from what\'s been posted on CMON (which is almost nothing), there are a couple of Dark Elf units. Everything else, and I\'m including all the primed and assembled Tomb Kings and Dark Elf minis, is WIP.

    The saddest thing of all, is that I started to build another army because I got tired of staring at the Dark Elf WIPs, and thought that the Tomb Kings would go quickly... somebody hit me with a large hammer, please! *kicking the Rackham minis under the carpet with a toe* :innocent:

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    actually, right now i have more then I have evar had started at once. At the moment, its 5 tzeentch screamers, a reaper dwarf, and the miniexchange (almost done!). I normally try to finish one before i start another.

    @markus :o:o:o:o:o:o that is a WHOLE lot of minis

    @vike- you too :o

    now i dont know if youve heard, but there is this great orphanage in florida, wonderful for all those unloved unfinished WIPS, of course they are lovingly taken care of and they love the sunshine. its called Becca\'s home for unloved Minis. the first step to helping a mini, is admiting you have a problem:P lol

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