Painting Greenskin Uniforms - Yes or no?
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Thread: Painting Greenskin Uniforms - Yes or no?

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    Default Painting Greenskin Uniforms - Yes or no?

    Ok, a while ago I won the WHFB 6thed box. I\'m finally getting around to painting the miniatures from it. Not that I\'m really going to build an army (though I might) but that I want to paint something rank and file, so I can see how fast I can knock out a unit and to what standard.

    Normally I take a very long time to paint a single figure, because I\'m anal, but I want to paint RNF.

    ANYWAYS - I want to know what your opinion is on Orcs wearing the same coloured clothes, compared to taking the time to give them a more rag-tag appearance.

    I\'m thinking that they have slaves, who they get to make weapons and clothes.

    \"Oi, red shirt thing wit da dags on da shoulders like!\"


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    I always have thoughts ! :D
    On this I have 2 right away.
    1. Personally I have nothing against Orks with uniforms as they could easily have raded an army caravan or barraks, but I have to say I don\'t know the fluff. And if they do have uniforms they will look like a more cohesive unit on the battle field.
    2. If you are just doing this as an experiment to see how fast you can whip out a unit, then who cares what is wearing the uniforms? They could be historicals or naked amazons (well, not naked if you\'re painting uniforms :P ) the process is what you\'re concerned with.

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    Why can\'t orcs wear uniforms, or at least similar colours? They\'re not _completely_ disorganized - a Warboss might want all his troops to be visually recognizable on the field, or carry some clan colour or something. Of course the orcish nature would demand random bitz all over, but they could still be \"uniform\". Go for it. Pick a good colour though - not bright red or they\'ll be Christmas orcs. Yellow might look sharp.

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    check image 5288

    That\'s the colours I\'m going to use on these guys, roughly.

    Of course, after putting 2 thin coats of skin and 3 thin coats of cavalry brown on the shirts, I think already they\'ll turn out better (in my eyes) because the basecoats will be nice and smooth (like the really good painters here)

    4 hours, 6 plastic Warhammer FB Orcs with 2 coats of paint on the skin and 3 coats on the shirts (As you can see, they have the most surface area of the model)

    Is that a good speed? I pretty much have no painted armies and am trying to get to the point where I can paint one in a reasonable amount of time.

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    Well, I\'m going with all red shirts for the entire army, with specific marking for regiments, which means the group I\'m painting won\'t get any markings for a bit (as I want to scatter these very similarily posed models into a bunch of Orc Warrior boxed regiments)

    Their pants, however, will be different colours. I\'m painting in groups of 6, so I\'ll switch where I put the colours in the next group.

    I was originally going for NMM on the metal bits, and had basecoated all the blades with a mid-grey (just mixed black and white, I find many bottled greys have different tints, which aren\'t always compatible)

    However, I changed my mind after realizing how much of a pain NMM will be to quickly paint onto all the scale armour.

    Then my girlfriend wanted to see what NMM would look like, so I blew most of my painting time making one side of an axe NMM. Which I then had to paint over with metallic paint. Oh well, a good practice piece.

    I\'m sad, I much prefer NMM because metallic paint is grainy. Now I can\'t do anything in the army with NMM as it would look out of place. :(

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    Armies are not the place for NMM, I suspect. Unless you\'re some sort of painting god that is... Save it for the display pieces - Coyote, might your GF like a well-executed warrior in full NMM plate armour as a gift? :)

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    The thing about clan colours is quite correct If you don\'t wear the right colour you iz a treiter to da klan.
    But there are clans which do this according to the background

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