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    Some 40k Nurgle stuff.

    (The shoulderpads for the above torso)

    (Legs for the torso)


    (Something totally different. Upright oblit :) )

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    Welcome and darn great stuff I love the eye and the details. I would love to see assembled as well my mind is not able to piece together what you have shown me.
    @NSA great stuff you are indeed stepping it up. Must have been a bear to get to that point but looks great now
    @StarFyre dragon critter or what ? Darn great start good to watch it will be
    @Ritual so many rules good luck with it
    @MalleusMiniArt I am sorry but I like the pants the best..go figure.. but the shadows and highlights rock there
    @Fizl I like him and the character on the shoulder great work.
    @ no one I miss Tidico2222 hope he returns soon

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    Thank you! I\'m planning to finsih an entry to the Boyz with Ballz competition too.

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    Default hehe....

    Tab - no, not really a dragon. A Dinosaur actually. Warhammer lizardmen don\'t have dragons :( THey use dinosaurs for mounts.

    Arcanadon = with the engine of the gods on it\'s back, a magical weapon that pulls in comets from space, to bombard the battlefield. (rules = catapult rules in warhammer)

    So my sculpture is the Arcanadon and the Engine on it\'s back. (as you can probably figure, whatever I am planning for the thing on the back, requires power :D )

    This is how GW suggests modding it:

    They discuss 3 versions...2 in detail. and a much more expensive/detailed conversion from the Lustria book they mention but do not show step by step.

    I did not like them so I decided to make my own.


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    This is a project I have been working on over the past three months on and off in between comissions and my A levels.

    I apologise about the picture quality, this was an experiment into taking photos outside instead of inside with lights, it came out ok, but none of my photos ever seem good.

    The dreadnought is true scale and started life as a forge world iron warriors dreadnought, but i added extra armour and changed it just as an experiment. I have experimented with a variety of putties over this model I used brown stuff for most of the armour, a technique for smoothing that I picked up was to water down miliput and brush it over then sanding it was also tired hence the odd white look to some of the plates, I also tried mixing GS with miliput for the fingers of the powerfist although i was not entirely happy with the working consistency.

    I am particularly pleased with the cracking effect upon the base as if the dreadnought\'s weight is cracking the stone.

    I welcome your comments upon this model.


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    That looks like a great conversion. The rock is very good.

    @Tab- I did a quick search, but couldn\'t find anything, where is Tidoco2222? I noticed last night his gallery was/is empty.

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    @James on the 18th he emailed me and said he lost interest. I looked that day and every post in the old WIP thread was deleted but, that was the only thread at the time. He did not delete posts in the general discussion threads . Mystery to me. I saw nothing in the old WIP thread that could have provoked it, But I personally know many undercurrents here go on that only the ones involved feel. He and his wife are special and for me I will miss the enthusiasm he painted with and the lack of a boosting ego that he approached his talent with. I did not know his gallery was gone here now but at the Hedge Wizards site I still have the gallery of his there. I am not sure if he will update it with his present paintings. I do hope so. He is sorely missed by me and my family. :(

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    i remember seeing a shout in the \"shoutbox\" from Tim, that said he had \"had enough and was done\" I responded asking if it were just for the day, or what...He didn\'t respond back.

    Maybe he just needs a bit a time away...

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    Whoa... he\'s gone. That sucks. I hope he hasn\'t given up painting entirely, he\'s very good.

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    That isn\'t good news. He is very talented and I will miss him and his work very much. I hope he\'s back shortly.

    And I was looking forward to seeing that resin piece Denegrah (???) progress.

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    Originally posted by Wolf_Fang
    its not the first time he ran off like that ether :rolleyes:
    or the first one. mind you i hope he comes back, his stuff is really good

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    Originally posted by Wolf_Fang
    its not the first time he ran off like that ether :rolleyes:
    Well, the April fools thread was, well, april fools. Unfortunately I\'ve yet to hear of June 18 fools day.

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    Oh, I thought that was what you were referring to; my bad. I\'m a little out of the loop. When was the last time?

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    Default My Current WIP

    Got quite far into this one but thought id pop it up for some comments etc.

    Conversion of a plastic marine into a company champion. The \"snout\" was taken from a brettonian knights helm, the legs were re-postitioned, and the sword arm from the commander sprue with the hand clipped and re-positioned. The tabbard (i think thats what it is... the cloth between his legs) was made with milliput and its the first time ive managed to pull off thin cloth. Id appreciate some ideas for the base as I really didnt know what to do bar stand him on some slate. Still some more painting to do.

    Thanks all!

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    Originally posted by Wolf_Fang
    its not the first time he ran off like that ether :rolleyes:
    Tim is not shallow nor do I suspect he is playing games. If thread you refer to was a joke, this indeed is not.
    I do hope he returns but Todd saw the shout that vike did and indeed thought the same done for the day post till I got his email. I am afraid we have lost him.He said he would pop in and out so he see that he is cared for and missed.

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    Default is he okthough?

    he\'s not seriously ill or anything though which would make him want to stop the hobby?


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    @ilynx2k4- Yea, there are a few moldlines I saw, especially the side of his helmet. The conversion looks great. I love the sweeping loin cloth.

    @Sorry for the mixup Wolf-fang:D

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    my tezneck...

    i feel like this is my best mini to date, but as you can tell, its not done yet...

    ive had a lot of fun doing the swirlies, i honestly didnt know i had it in me

    thoughts comments crude remarks?

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    It sucks that people who show nice works and share the compassion for painting minis are chased of by someone/something like that. I remember seeing pics from him when I first read the WIP thread and he did a very good job. Haven\'t know him personally tough as some of you seemed to have. Nevertheless - maybe there are some yerks out there who have done or said stupid things - but there are also a lot of friends here! So, if you read this Tidocco2222, come back and ignore those idiots - they are not worth it leaving this site!

    @ipaintminis: great looking tezneck- I like the color sheme and I envy your patience with the swirls (would have thrown the whole thing away if I had to do this ;))

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    Working on these guys right now. I\'m trying to get a bunch of my GW stuff done so I can paint some cool stuff from other companies.

    The Hierophant is a lot of fun. Can\'t wait to finish him. Tried the stubble look on his head. More hazard striping too. :D

    The Imperial Fist needs his backpack and his highlighting. I freehanded the fist. I think it came out well.

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